Greenhouse Software provides your organization with a suite of tools to help with your reporting needs. Some of these tools exist in-app while others help you retrieve your organization's data so you can manipulate and organize this information into views that expressly answer complicated questions. In this article, we will provide an overview of what reporting tools are available to your organization. If you need more detailed information, check out the articles below:


Native Reports

Native reports are in-app reports that allow you to filter your data by various parameters. Additionally, you can save and schedule these reports to be delivered on a regular basis if you are routinely looking at the same metrics. 


Report Builder

Report Builder is an additional reporting tool with increased flexibility to organize your data into easily digestible views. Customize the metrics that you are tracking, and organize the data across jobs, offices, departments, timeframe, etc. within your reports. Likewise, use customizable Pipeline Reports to track the historical and current health of your interview pipeline, and your recruiting activity for each stage.


Google Reports Connector

Greenhouse has a lot of different native reports and we’ve created a tool that combines the power and customization of a spreadsheet with a simple and seamless Google integration. With the Google Sheets add-on, you can easily import Greenhouse reports to Google, refresh your reports in real-time directly from your workbook, build and manipulate dashboards, charts, and graphs, and combine reports to perform complex analysis.

Since this integration is built off of report URLs from Greenhouse, once you build a custom report, the data within remains live and up to date.


Greenhouse BI Connector

BI Connector is an add-on to the Greenhouse Recruiting platform. It allows you to retrieve your organization's data in a format that can be readily plugged into a Business Intelligence (BI) tool for advanced reporting needs. For customers with the BI Connector/GHA add-on, Greenhouse will transfer your data to Amazon Redshift at the end of every day. Your organization can then connect your in-house BI tool to Amazon Redshift to pull your data from Greenhouse. We recommend that customers who opt to use BI Connector have a data analyst who is knowledgeable about BI tools.


Best Practices

Every organization is structured differently and has different reporting needs. There isn't a single approach or guide that can satisfy the diversity of questions organizations can ask when it comes to reporting. Our best practices documentation covers how to figure out which reporting tool is right for you, how to maintain data integrity, and provides some general guidelines that our team has found useful for other organizations.