What is the Candidate Quality by Recruiter report? How do I use it?

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Want to figure out which of your recruiters are having the most success moving candidates through your pipeline? The Candidate Quality by Recruiter report assigns each recruiter a Quality %, which is computed by looking at the average distance a candidates travel through the pipeline. You can use this report to see which recruiter's candidates are turning into the most hires and which stages certain candidates begin to be rejected in large numbers.

If every candidate was hired, it would be 100%. If every candidate was rejected in the first stage, it would be 0%. Let's say one of your recruiters is only responsible for one candidate, an iOS developer named Jane. She has a pretty strong background, so she makes it through 5 of your 7 stages. Since she's the only person assigned to that recruiter, your Quality % for that row would be 5/7, or roughly 71%.

How can this report be filtered?

The Candidates Quality by Recruiter report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job, Source, and Date Applied. You can also click the blue numbers in each column to see the candidates associated with each field.

NOTE: The Recruiter metric in this report shows the person who is set as a recruiter on each particular candidate, NOT necessarily the person set as a recruiter on the job as a whole.

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    Bob See

    This report as constructed isn't very useful. It seems a bit odd that the starting point in Greenhouse for all candidates (Application Review) would be included as the first stage in calculating this %, since Recruiters have virtually no control over who enters the process in this stage (i.e. all applicants end up here regardless of whether they applied through a company's job's page, employee referral, were prospected by a Recruiter, etc.).

    If 100 applicants apply by various means and I reject 99 of them at Application Review (because they weren't a good match for the role) -- but I move one candidate forward and they make it all the way through to the Offer stage, my Candidate Quality by Recruiter will be 1% -- which makes it look like my accuracy as a Recruiter is terrible.

    In contrast, if the starting point were immediately *after* Application Review, my Candidate Quality by Recruiter would be 100% (i.e. I progressed only one person into the process and that one candidate received an offer).  This would seem to be a far better representation of the quality of candidates by Recruiter, as it more accurately reflects things a Recruiter's work impacts.

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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for providing this feedback, I will be sure to relay it to our product team! As a workaround, it may be helpful for you to export the report to a spreadsheet. Here you could calculate the quality in Excel starting with the stage after Application Review.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with!