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What is the Applications Over Time report? How do I use it?

A cousin to the New Candidates by Source report, the new Applications Over Time report answers a slightly different question and gives you the flexibility to really track how many new candidates you're getting across your jobs, departments, and sources.

While the other report is a snapshot with every column only showing you what happened on one single day in the past, Recent Applications will show you everyone who applied in the column's date range. You can even click the numbers in each column to see a list of those applicants in the Candidates tab! Use it to track which sources are performing best, which recruiters are now handling tons of new candidates, or which jobs don't seem quite as popular as others in the same department!


How can this report be filtered?

The Recent Applications report can be filtered by Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job and Date Applied. Separate from that, you can change the view to summarize your data by Department, Job, and Recruiter, and Source to give you flexibility in comparing where your referrals are coming from, and by Week, Month, Quarter, or Year to help you understand both the big picture and more specific trends.