What is the All Jobs Summary report? How do I use it?

The mother of all reports, the All Jobs Summary offers an overview of all of your positions and some basic information about each one. There's not much data to slice and dice here, but it's a great way to get a high-level view of your company's current hiring priorities.

At a glance, this report will tell you when jobs were opened and closed, who is responsible for each part of the hiring process, and the number of candidates (old, new, and hired) on each job. If you've added any custom job fields on the Configure->Custom Options->Jobs page, you'll see them as extra columns on the right side of this report as well. Since this report has so much data, you can export to excel to slice and dice all sorts of interesting information.

How can this report be filtered?

The All Jobs Summary can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job

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    Anne Smith

    How is the Active Candidates column calculated? My report shows no active candidates for a job, but when I click on the job, it shows that there are 17 active candidates.

    Found it! I need to check the option to include migrated candidates. All good!

    Edited by Anne Smith
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    Jodi Freeman

    Hi Anne,

    Let us know if you have any additional questions on this report! We're happy to help!


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    Kinga Fekete

    Hi! Is there a possibility to automatically email this "All jobs summary report"? We would like to send it weekly to the recruiting team but seemingly there is no option to do this. Can you please advice on this issue? Thanks so much in advance!

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    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Kinga,

    Thank you for reaching out about this! Unfortunately, there is no option available to automatically email this report to your team. At this time, you'll need to run this report manually in order to send it along to your team. With that being said, I'd be more than happy to reach out to our Product Team to communicate your desire for this feature.

    All the best,

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    Malia Jorgensen

    Hi! I'd like to request the ability to put a date range in to run the report. I'm being asked to run a report on closed jobs for a specific date period and it's too clunky and large to manipulate in Excel.

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    Mary Kathleen Morelli

    Hello Malia,

    Thank you for reaching out about this! I would be more than happy to pass along this feedback to our Product Team, to convey your desire for a date filter in the All Jobs Summary report.

    All the best,

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    Niall McDonough

    What is the sort order of the report?

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    Thai Win

    Hey Niall,

    Thanks for writing in!

    The order is currently sorted alphabetically. You can also export the report to Excel by using the "Export" button on the page to sort by the other columns.


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