Job fields refer to the various pieces of information that can be filled out for every job your organization creates, and allow you to capture this data in a standardized format. By default, every new job includes the following job fields:

  • Internal job name
  • Department
  • Office
  • Level
  • Number of openings
  • Employment type

In addition to the default job fields, your organization can create custom job fields to capture relevant information about jobs. 

To create a custom job field, click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and navigate to Custom Options on the left-hand panel.


On the Custom Options page, click Jobs under the Company Custom Fields section.


On the Custom Fields: Jobs page, click the Add Field button to create a new custom job field, or click on an existing field to edit that field. 


On the New Job Field page, customize the new job field. Every custom job field requires a Field Name and Field Type.

Note: Once a custom job field is created, the Type field cannot be changed.

  • To be able to use the value of the field in email and offer letter templates, check the box next to Create new email token and enter the token name in the provided field. 
  • To restrict access to the field to only users with one of the following permission levels, check the box next to Mark Private
    • Job Admin with the permission stripe Can view and edit private job fields and approve/request approval on jobs, or 
    • Site Admin with the user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approvals, and approve jobs/offers
  • To require a field be completed before a user can proceed to the next step, check the box next to Required.
  • If you have an approval workflow in place where jobs must be approved before they are opened, and if you would like to ensure that updates to the field post-approval require re-approval, check the box next to Changes to this field require reapproval.
  • To expose the field in the Job Board API, check the box next to Expose in Job Board API.

When finished configuring the new custom job field, click Save at the bottom of the page. 


In addition to viewing and managing these custom fields via Job Setup > Job Info, any custom fields you add to jobs will be included in the All Jobs Summary report