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EEOC Report

Note: EEOC reports can only be viewed by users with Site Admin level permissions and the additional user-specific permission Can see EEOC reports.

At the bottom of every job post is a button marked Should EEOC questions be included in the application form. When toggled ON, applicants will see an optional questionnaire that asks federally-approved questions about Race, Gender, Veteran status, and Disability status.

If you choose to turn this survey On for your jobs, you can view the anonymized report that shows how many applicants and hired candidates fall into each of the categories of the questionnaire.


Filter Report

Applicant responses to EEOC questions will never be tied directly back to individual applicants. With the EEOC report , you can filter the aggregated responses by a wide range of criteria including: Department, Office, User, Custom Fields, Date Applied, etc...

The Stage filter can be used to assess how certain demographics are faring throughout your hiring pipeline. When you filter the EEOC Report by Stage, the report will display all applicants who managed to reach the particular stage you designated before exiting. Since this filter is only evaluating up until a particular stage and no further, the Hired column will return a 0-value for all demographics. 


Additionally, you can filter the EEOC report by Rejection Reason. When filtered by rejection reason, the report will display the demographics for candidates who were rejected by a particular rejection reason. Like the Stage filter, the Hired column will return a 0-value for all demographics when filtered by rejection reason.