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Candidate Quality by Source Report

Ever wonder where your best candidates are coming from? Look no further than the Candidate Quality by Source report! This report shows how far candidates made it through your pipeline and assigns a Quality % to each source so you can easily compare agencies, referrals, job boards, and any other resource you're using to find candidates.

Quality % is a calculation of the average distance traveled through the pipeline for all candidates attributed to that particular source. For example, if every candidate was hired, it would be 100%. If every candidate was rejected in the first stage, it would be 0%. Let's say candidate Jane applies from LinkedIn. She has a pretty strong background, so she makes it through 5 of your 7 stages. If she was the only person to apply through LinkedIn, your Quality % for that row would be 5/7, or roughly 71%.

Please see the attached excel file for further detail on the Quality Score calculation. 

How can this report be filtered?

The Candidate Quality by Source report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job and Date Applied. You can also click the blue numbers in each column to see the candidates associated with each field.

Note: If you want to add even more sources to better track things on this report, head to the Configure -> Custom Options -> Sources page. Anything added here will appear as option on the Source dropdown on Tracking Links and a candidate's Details tab.


Quality Score.xlsx (50 KB)