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Pipeline History and Pass Through Rates Report

You probably have thousands of candidates, but where exactly can you find them? Do they get caught up in app review limbo for weeks at a time, or do they breeze through the pipeline before getting stuck at a take-home test indefinitely? The Pipeline History and Pass Through Rates report lists every stage from each of your jobs and offers some handy, high-level information about each one.

Pass Rate shows what percentage of candidates were in a particular stage who were then moved to any other stage (even backwards to a previous one), and Total Hours gives you an idea of how long you spend on candidates in each stage by computing the sum of the Interview Time field on all of your scorecards. This can be handy in deciding whether you're wasting too many hours interviewing candidates early in the process who aren't making it very far through the pipeline.

Note: The Total column of the report will also count candidates who we never actually moved into that specific stage, but bypassed it to a later stage. For example, if a candidate was moved from the Application Review stage directly to the Offer stage, that candidate will contribute to the Total number for every stage in between. 


How can this report be filtered?

The Pipeline History and Pass Through Rates report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job and Date Applied. You can also click the blue numbers in each column to see the candidates associated with each field or use the toggle at the top to switch between viewing the report by Stages and viewing it by Milestones