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What is the Referrals Over Time report (previously called Recent Referrals report)? How do I use it?

Referrals are consistently proven to be the best source for talent leads. They usually cost less, perform better, and generally stay longer than external candidates, and companies who garner more referrals consistently hire better talent and out-perform their competition. Once you've decide to make referrals a top priority, here's how you can ensure that your organization is exceeding expectations.

We've built the  "Recent Referrals" report to give you the data necessary to make actionable changes to how you prioritize referrals. Hold your departments and offices accountable for their lackluster performance, reward top referrers for their commitment to building a strong recruiting culture, and track your improvement over time.

Unlike the "Candidate Quality by Referrer" report, which shows all candidates arranged by the person listed on the "Who Gets Credit" field, the "Referrals" report will only show candidates whose source is Referral.


How can this report be filtered?

The "Recent Referrals" report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job and Date Applied. Separate from that, you can change the view to summarize your data by DepartmentJob, and Referrer to give you flexibility in comparing where your referrals are coming from, and by Week, Month, Quarter, or Year to help you understand both the big picture and more specific trends.