What is the Interviewer Calibration report? How do I use it?

The Interviewer Calibration report shows how each of your interviewers has rated candidates across all of their scorecards. It can be used to determine who is tougher or easier than average so that you can ensure every candidate gets a fair shake. Adherence shows how often each interviewer fills out the highlighted focus attributes on their scorecards.

How can this report be filtered?

The Interviewer Calibration report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job, Scorecard Date, and Interview Name, but please note that sorting by Application Review will only show scorecards that were filled out in this stage (which is uncommon), not an overall pass/reject rate.

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    Muntasir Hasnat

    very helpful

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    Rebecca O'Connor

    Why would the Adherence score not be showing up for some interviewers? Instead being marked as ( - )

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    Alexa Lytle

    Hi Rebecca,

    Adherence refers to the percent of focus attributes completed by the interviewer. If the interview kits that the interviewer is filling out does not have any focus attributes selected, then a "-" will appear in the Adherence column. If there are focus attributes specified, then you will see a % in the Adherence column.

    Hope this helps!

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    Bridget Martin

    I think there is a bug with this report because if I try to filter by user, it doesn't list all the active interviewers and even shows me some inactive employees. Help! :)

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    Ryan Artha

    Hi Bridget! Thanks for commenting! I've reached out to you via email to investigate into this potential issue further.


    Ryan Artha