What is the Prospecting Activity report? How do I use it?

It's great when amazing candidates come to you, but sometimes it's not that easy! If a big part of your recruiting effort is hunting down the juiciest prospects for your killer tech jobs or toughest sales roles, you'll need a way to track your progress!

The Prospecting Activity report will tell you which users are uploading the most prospects, whose prospects are most likely to turn into hired candidates, and how many email touches it generally takes to turn a prospect into a viable candidate. In this report, Advanced refers to prospects who were moved onto any job, while Emails Sent shows how many times each user emailed their prospects before adding them to a job. You can also use two different date filters to drill into the data in more detail!

How can this report be filtered?

The Prospecting Activity report can be filtered by Department and Office (located right next to your company name), as well as Job, Date Added, and Activity Date, which will filter each column uniquely based on the date the activity occurred. You can also check the box at the top marked Include prospects on no jobs to show all of your prospects that aren't connected to any job.

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    Ryan Giles

    This doesn't account for prospecting outside of Greenhouse does it? My recruiters do their prospecting on LinkedIn prior to moving them into Greenhouse.
    I'd like a report that shows candidates hired by recruiter by source (how many were from job applies, how many from linkedin Recruiter, etc.)

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    Alexa Lytle

    Hi Ryan,

    Our reports can only capture data that occurs inside of Greenhouse. So, if you don't add prospects into Greenhouse, then they won't be counted in this report.

    However, it sounds like you are more interested in our Candidate Quality by Source report, which can be found here: https://app.greenhouse.io/reports/sourcing_quality
    This report will let you know the amount of candidates that were hired per source.

    If you want to know the number of candidates that were hired by recruiter, you can find that information in the Candidate Quality by Recruiter report: https://app.greenhouse.io/reports/candidates_by_recruiter

    Hope this helps!

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    Todd Cranston-Cuebas

    In the prospecting report... what is meant by role of the user? Is this the role that appears in the requisition detail? What I'm looking for is a simple way to gauge weekly activity on the part of my sourcer team (broken down by team member). One issue is that some sourcers may submit candidates to requisitions that are outside of their normal internal team so, in those cases, they will not be listed as a sourcer on that requisition's detail page.

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    Stefan Hamacher


    is there a way to capture the daily sourcing results without checking any day? The excel report shows either all sourced candidates over a period or day by day results (but then I need to select each single day)?


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    Ryan Artha

    Hi Stefan!

    Unfortunately no, the Prospecting Activity report provides data on Open jobs where a timeframe must be set by day or over a period of time.

    Please feel free to chat in or email us at support@greenhouse.io.


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    Alexa Hamer

    Good morning,

    If I check "Include Migrated Candidates" what candidate population is that including?



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    Olivia Hirsch

    Hi Alexa,

    Thanks for writing in!

    A migrated candidate would be someone who was migrated into Greenhouse from a previous ATS.

    I hope this helps!

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