Train your organization on structured hiring and establish a process for ongoing adoption.  

Greenhouse has worked with thousands of the most successful companies and, from that, we’ve identified the most effective ways to introduce Greenhouse and drive adoption of structured hiring processes company-wide. Here are the most common launch tactics our customers swear by: 

Referral programs 

Launch or promote existing incentive-based programs

Executive sponsorship 

Announce Greenhouse at company-wide meetings to promote awareness 


Conduct in-product training, led by experts at the company, or let teams learn at their own pace with these on-demand webinar tutorials  


Use posters, flyers and newsletters to help spread word there’s a new tool in town


Note: The objective of this guide is to build a plan for establishing company-wide structured hiring training and adoption.



Step 1


Create permission guidelines

There are three key things to keep in mind when setting up Greenhouse permissions: 

1   Identify the role contributions of each hiring team member to determine 

who should receive admin permissions. Limit the number of site admins 

and ensure they’re enabled to support a strong candidate experience. 

2   Create permissions documentation. This will make it easier for your team to assign the correct permissions to new users as you continue to grow.  


We've included examples below:



Permissions access level 

Job admin private (specific roles/departments at the organization) 

Job admin standard* (all roles at the organization)

*Organizations with the custom job admin feature can create multiple job admin access levels for different use cases. 


Job admin private and standard: 

  • See and do everything across assigned jobs 
  • Advance, reject and email candidates and prospects across assigned jobs 

User-specific options: 

  • Edit users’ advanced permissions 
  • Create and override approval flows 
  • View EEOC and demographic reports 
  • Create and view private candidates 
  • Bulk edit jobs 
  • View private notes and salary info, manage offers and approve jobs/offers 
  • Manage prospects 
  • Developer permissions   



Permissions access level 

Job admin standard (all roles at the organization)


Same as Recruiters


Hiring Managers

Permissions access level 

Job admin private (specific roles/departments at the organization)


Same as Recruiters and Executives


Anyone else at the company

Permission access level 

Basic user access


Basic user access: 

  • Share open role posts to social networks 
  • Submit referrals 
  • Participate in interviews* 

*Basic user permissions are the minimum access level needed to efficiently interview candidates. 

User-specific options: 

  • Developer permissions


3  Create an off-boarding process to remove access to Greenhouse as team members leave your organization.

Want to learn more? Take a look at this video on permission tiers and custom job admin levels and this user-specific permissions overview


Step 2


Launch or refresh your referral program

Employee referrals are the best source for quality talent leads, as they generally cost less to hire, perform better, and stay longer than candidates sourced externally. Take a look at these 5 basic steps to building a strong referral program at your company.   

Operationally, you’ll want to make sure your referral program: 

  • Prioritized the importance of diversifying teams 
Enhance your referral program using integrations with several referral sourcing partners Greenhouse offers to help you create effective and efficient programs. 


Step 3


Organize a Greenhouse rollout plan

We’ve gathered the templates our most successful customers use to launch Greenhouse and get their teams bought-in. 

Here they are sorted according to permission level:


Permission level

Basic: all employees

Actions they’ll take How to communicate with them Resources for training them
Submit and track referrals Announce Greenhouse: Email 1 Basic user training steps
Share jobs on social media Drive registrations for Greenhouse: Email 2 Greenhouse overview video
Access internal job board (available in Recruiting Advanced and Recruiting Expert) Train Basic Users in Greenhouse: Email 3 Greenhouse training template
Conduct interviews Interview training template
Submit scorecards Training tip: send this training via email or host a 30-minute meeting


Permission level

Job admin: Hiring managers, coordinators and recruiters

Actions they’ll take How to communicate with them Resources for training them
Actions in Basic user group, plus: Same as Basic user group Greenhouse overview video
Company-specific workflows (creating jobs, requested approval, advancing candidates, etc.) Sample training session agenda
Job admin/Hiring Manager training template
Interview training template
Training tip: host 45- to 60-minute in-person training


Permission level

Site admin

Actions they’ll take How to communicate with them Resources for training them
Everything! Same as Job Admin group New Admin training guide


Step 4


Build a culture of great hiring

Once you’ve rolled out Greenhouse, it’s important to continually reinforce structured hiring processes to keep them top-of-mind for everyone at your organization. Here are a few of the top ways our customers drive cultures of great hiring.  

Keep communication consistent 

Consistent and ongoing communication is key to ensuring everyone stays on track. These examples of notifications will keep your team engaged throughout the hiring process:

Track ongoing progress

At Greenhouse, our average time-to-hire – from role creation to offer acceptance – is between eight and 12 weeks. This timing can vary, but we measure our performance and effectiveness against diligent responsibilities, expectations and deadlines set with each person involved in the hiring process. 

While your company’s hiring process is unique and timelines may vary, it’s important that those timelines are established and then communicated throughout the organization. We’ve mapped out the Greenhouse recruiting workflow here for context. 




Train new hires on Greenhouse

Make sure that structured hiring with Greenhouse remains a company-wide priority by including training in your new hire onboarding process. Here are a few Greenhouse training templates built for some of the most common roles: