Set your team up for structured hiring success

Train your organization on structured hiring and establish a process for ongoing adoption.  

Greenhouse has worked with thousands of leading companies, so we’ve been able to identify the most effective ways to introduce Greenhouse and drive adoption of structured hiring processes across your organization.

Here are the most common launch tactics our customers swear by:


  • Referral programs – launch or promote existing incentive-based programs
  • Executive sponsorship – announce Greenhouse at company-wide meetings to promote awareness
  • Training – conduct in-product training, led by experts at the company, or let teams learn at their own pace with our Customer education page, featuring the latest on-demand tutorials and live training events
  • You can also learn more about our Strategic training offering from our Professional Services team
  • Activation – use posters, flyers and newsletters to help spread the word there’s a new tool in town


Follow these four steps to build a plan for establishing company-wide structured hiring training and adoption.



Step 1


Create permission guidelines

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when setting up Greenhouse permissions. 

Be intentional about who receives admin permissions

Because they have the highest level of access in Greenhouse, limit the number of Site Admins and ensure they’re enabled to support a strong candidate experience.

  • Advanced/Expert tier only: Use custom user fields to further specify how you categorize and assign your user permissions 
  • Learn how to set up permissions in three easy steps with this short video:

– Get familiar with user permission settings

– Review permission resources with your team to get aligned on how permissions work in Greenhouse

– Outline user responsibilities and roles to determine who needs access to key data in your organization and apply your permissions


Catch up on our permissions resources

Create permissions documentation

This will make it easier for your team to assign the correct permissions to new users as you continue to grow. Getting it right is essential to ensure data integrity, avoid confusion on your teams and ultimately create the best experience for all. 


Create an offboarding process to remove access
Have a structure in place for removing access to Greenhouse for team members that leave your organization.

Take a look at this Learn Greenhouse course on understanding applying permissions in Greenhouse to identify the best permission structure for your organization.



Step 2


Launch or refresh your referral program

Employee referrals are the best source for quality talent leads as they generally cost less to hire, perform better and stay longer than externally sourced candidates. Check out these five steps for building a strong referral program at your company and share this Learn Greenhouse course with your employees to ensure they understand how to submit referrals.

Operationally, you’ll want to make sure your referral program has been properly configured with the relevant questions and keeps employees informed with an up-to-date referral page.

Enhance your referral program using integrations with several referral sourcing partnersthat Greenhouse offers to help you create effective and efficient programs.



Step 3


Organize a Greenhouse rollout plan

We’ve gathered the templates our most successful customers use to launch Greenhouse and get their teams’ buy-in. 


Permission level Tasks Announcement emails Training guidance 

(all employees)

Submit and track referrals

Share jobs on social media

Access internal job board
(available in Recruiting Advanced and Recruiting Expert)

Greenhouse rollout launch day email template 

Greenhouse overview video

Basic user training template 


Learn Greenhouse – Submit referrals


Post jobs to social media

Making referrals video


Conduct interviews

Submit scorecards


Interviewer training template

DE&I interviewer features 

Tip: Ensure an inclusive interview experience for candidates by collecting each candidate’s name pronunciation and personal pronouns and reviewing inclusion nudges 


Tip: Conduct a 30-minute company-led training

Tip: Be sure to check our customer education page for the latest live trainings

Job admin
(hiring managers, coordinators, recruiters)

Interviewer +

Company-specific workflows
(creating jobs, requesting approvals, advancing candidates, etc.)


Same as above 

Job admin/hiring manager training template


Tip: Conduct a 40–65-minute company-led training

Tip: Check our customer education page for the latest live trainings

Site admin


Same as above 

Greenhouse training guide for Site Admin


Step 4


Build a culture of great hiring

Once you’ve rolled out Greenhouse, it’s important to continually reinforce structured hiring processes to keep them top-of-mind for everyone at your organization. Here are a few of the top ways our customers drive cultures of great hiring.  


Keep communication consistent 

Consistent and ongoing communication is key to ensuring everyone stays on track. Keep your team engaged throughout the hiring process with notifications, such as:

  • Live role announcements for interviewers and hiring managers
  • Pipeline updates for hiring managers and stakeholders
  • Recruiting updates for key stakeholders

Check out these email templates to start communicating with your hiring team.


Track ongoing progress

At Greenhouse, our average time-to-hire – from role creation to offer acceptance – is between eight and 12 weeks. This timing can vary, but we measure our performance and effectiveness against diligent responsibilities, expectations and deadlines set with each person involved in the hiring process. 

While your company’s hiring process is unique and timelines may vary, it’s important that those timelines are established and then communicated throughout the organization. We’ve mapped out the Greenhouse recruiting workflow here for context. 




Train new hires on Greenhouse

Make sure that structured hiring with Greenhouse remains a company-wide priority by including training in your new hire onboarding process. Here are a few handy Greenhouse training templates for some of the most common roles:

Check out our customer education page for the latest on-demand tutorials and live training events.