PRESENTATION (PPT): Greenhouse 101 for Hiring Managers

We've put together a presentation that will help introduce Greenhouse to users with Job Admin-level access on your team. 

The presentation covers:

  • What is Greenhouse?
  • What does it help the company do?
  • What does that mean for the company?
  • How they can set up their account and log in to Greenhouse
  • A guided live demo of Greenhouse
  • Reporting within Greenhouse
  • Best practices

For the Live Demo, our suggested agenda is as follows:

  • Review the All Jobs dashboard
  • Go through the top bar navigation, including search, FAQ, and editing My Info
  • Walk through the Job dashboard, including an overview of Pipeline and Pipeline Tasks sections
  • Resume review, including rejection process, if applicable
  • Navigating candidate profiles, including the Scorecards tab
  • Understanding the Candidates tab, including search functionality

If you'd like access to a Keynote version of this presentation, you can contact your Account Manager.

In addition to the presentation, you may want to check out the video tutorial that covers Job Admin permissions. Just click here!

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    Oyinkansola Isola

    Hey there, there is no attached presentation.

  • Avatar
    Jean Walters

    Hi Oyin,

    Sorry about that! You should now find the presentation attached to this article.


  • Avatar
    Oyinkansola Isola

    Thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Alisa Goldberg

    how can I become site admin?

  • Avatar
    Jeffrey Swartwout

    Hi Alisa,

    There is no way to self-grant permissions. I suggest you reach out to a site admin in your organization to request site admin permissions.


  • Avatar
    Samantha Buffington

    Hey There - is there any updated version of this presentation? It looks like the screen shots are out of date.

    Thank You!