Permissions: Site Admin

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Custom user fields are a type of custom option that allow you to add your own unique labels to user profiles. Custom user fields give you more control over how you categorize your users and assign user permissions. This makes your bulk permissions management more efficient.

Example: Imagine your organization introduced a policy that only users who are Directors should be assigned as hiring managers on jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting.

You could add a custom user field for "Seniority" and include "Director" as an option. After assigning the value of "Director" to the appropriate users, you could then filter by "Director" on the Users page. You could then use bulk editing to change that user's permissions to Job Admin: Hiring Manager on their assigned jobs.

Create a custom user field

Go to the Custom Options page. (Configure icon  Configure-icon.png > Custom Options)

Find the Company Custom Fields section, then click Users.


On the Manage User Attribute Fields page, click Add Field.


Add a field name, then select a field type from the dropdown.

Field types for custom user fields include:

  • Single select
  • Multi select
  • Yes/No
  • User


You can also add a description of the field and make the field required by clicking the checkbox next to Required.

When you finish, click Save

Edit or delete a custom user field

Edit a custom user field

On the Manage User Attribute Fields page, click on a field to edit it.


Make changes in the Details section, then click Save.


Delete a custom user field

On the Manage User Attribute Fields page, click the delete icon Delete-icon.png next to a field. In the Remove Field window, click Yes, remove it to confirm.


Assign a custom field to a user

Go to the Users page. (Configure icon Configure-icon.png > Users)

Select a user from the list.

Scroll down to the Custom fields section. Each custom field you create will appear here. 

Click on the dropdown under a field name to add or edit the value. Click the X to remove the value.


When you finish, click Save user details.

Manage custom user fields in bulk

Yes. You can manage custom fields in bulk with the Users and Custom Fields endpoints of our Harvest API or with HRIS Link.