The Interviewer Engagement report shows how involved each Greenhouse user is in your organization's interview process. The report can help you understand which users are holding up the interview process, publicizing your organization's openings, and referring the candidates who are most likely to be hired. It can also be useful to see which interviewers are taking on too many or too few interviews.

To generate an Interview Engagement report, click the ellipsis on your navigation bar and select Reports from the dropdown menu.


From the Reports page, navigate to the Evaluate Your Team's Performances section and click Interviewer Engagement


The Interviewer Engagement report will generate and include all jobs where you have access by default. The report will display for all users included in the report:

  • Scorecards Submitted
  • Average Hours to Submit
  • Scorecards Still Due
  • Referrals Submitted
  • Referrals Hired
  • Social Media Posts
  • Days Logged in


The Interviewer Engagement report can be filtered by specific jobs, by different user permission levels, and/or activity date range. Click Apply to repopulate the report after applying filters.

Note: By default, the Activity Date for the report is set to Current Year.