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Job Admin/Interviewer User-Specific Permissions


User-specific permissions are extra permissions granted to a user in addition to those included in that user's permission level (Basic, Job Admin, Site Admin). In this article, we will cover the different user-specific permissions associated with the Job Admin/Interviewer permission level.

For more information about the user-specific permissions for the other permission levels, click the links below: 

Job Admin/Interviewer User-Specific Permissions

Users who are assigned the Job Admin/Interviewer permission level can be assigned the following optional user-specific permissions:

Can create new jobs and request job approvals

When granted, this permission allows the user to create a job, which can be accessed from the Add icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_9.52.49_AM.png on the navigation bar. Limits can be imposed on this permission so users can create jobs only for select departments and/or offices.

Note: When granting a user this permission, you must select a default Job Admin permission level for the user on new jobs they create.

Can create confidential jobs

If a user is granted the Can create new jobs and request job approvals permission, they also can be granted an additional permission to create confidential jobs. When assigned, users will see the additional option to create a confidential job available.

A confidential job is visible only to the person who created the job, and to users the creator explicitly adds to the job. Any confidential jobs which are later made public will bypass the approval process, so the permission to create confidential jobs should be somewhat limited in most organizations.

Can invite new users to Greenhouse and reactive disabled users This permission allows the user some control over who to invite into your Greenhouse Recruiting account, and gives the user the ability to deactivate any other user in the Job Admin permission level. 
Can manage custom fields Custom fields include any additional information you have added on Candidates, Jobs, Offers, or your Referral Questionnaire. While Site Admins will always be able to adjust them, you can now allow users with lower permissions to add, remove, or make changes as well.
Can manage company metadata Similar to custom fields, metadata includes information that appears in dropdown menus throughout Greenhouse, like Referrers, Rejection Reasons, Sources, and Tags. 
Can manage company email and social media templates If you have a Job Admin or Interviewer who manages your templates, you can allow them to make changes to Organization-Wide email templates and company social media templates that will be accessible to all of the users in your Greenhouse account.
Can manage unattached prospects - add prospect to jobs, convert prospects  A prospect is considered unattached if they have been added into the system without being assigned a job, department or office. This permission allows the user to add that prospect to jobs or convert them into candidates. Click here to learn more. 
Can create new job stage names This permission allows your organization to control who has the ability to create new job stage names for jobs. Ideally, this permission will help reduce erroneous or duplicate job stages that will need to be cleaned up later. 
Can invite and deactivate agency recruiters This permission allows the user to invite/deactivate agency recruiters. If granted, users will find extra functionality on the agency management page.   

Note: Permissions marked Job Admin only will impact only users who are assigned a Job Admin permission level on at least one job. If a user is assigned only the Interviewer permission level, they will not be able to use the Job Admin only user-specific permissions.