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Create a New Job


When your organization is ready to begin the hiring process for a new job, navigate to the Add icon Screen_Shot_2018-09-13_at_11.33.48_AM.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Create a Job from the drop-down menu.


Note: If you have created jobs in the past and/or have Job Admin level permissions on another job you can elect to use those previous jobs as a template for the new job you are creating. To do so click Copy an existing job


From the subsequent page, select either Copy an Existing JobSample Job, or Blank Job. Refer to the table below to see the differences between each option.

Note: If you are a user with Job Admin permission levels and your organization has restricted job creation to template jobs for all Job Admins, you will be sent directly to the Copy an Existing Job page where you can only see template jobs where you have been granted access. 

Template Greenhouse provides default
Blank Job
  • No default fields provided
Sample Job
  • attributes for Scorecard
  • stages for Interview Plan
Copy an Existing Job
  • a pre-existing job that you have access to is used as a template for the new job you will create

Once a template is selected, you will be able to build the different elements of the job depending on how your job setup flow is configured. Depending on how your job setup flow is configured you can see any of the 9 following steps: 


Complete the steps of the job setup flow. You can always return to a step for further configuration after the job has been created. For more in-depth information regarding job setup best practices, please see our documentation here.

When you have finished completing all the steps of your job setup flow, click Finish. You will be direct to the job's dashboard.


Request Approval

Be aware that a created job does not necessarily mean that it is open to start recruiting candidates. If a job requires another user's approval, you will need to request a job approval before the job is opened. Jobs that have yet to receive approval will be considered a Draft.

To request approval for a new job, click Request Approval from a job page's navigation bar.


Depending on how your approval flow is configured, users who are authorized to be job approvers will be notified. The job will be considered Open after all necessary approvals are received