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Greenhouse Roll-Out Toolkit - Start Here!


Congratulations on starting your journey with Greenhouse! An important step in the implementation process is to roll out Greenhouse to your company. Below we have compiled some resources to help create a smooth roll out process. 

1. Thinking Through Process Changes: This worksheet includes prompts to help you think about who in your organization will do what in Greenhouse. This will help you decide what roles hiring managers will play and therefore what features they will need to learn about and how you can customize your training.

2. Preparing for Deployment: We have created email templates that you can leverage to prepare your teams for the Greenhouse launch. Feel free to attach this promotional video to these emails to help introduce Greenhouse to your team.

3. Team Training Templates: We’ve created different presentation decks that you can customize and present to your teams to train up Basic Users, Interviewers, and Hiring Managers.

4. Maintaining Buy-In: Once you’ve launched Greenhouse, you’ll want to ensure you can keep your teams engaged and bought into your hiring process. Here are some tips and templates for how you and your hiring managers can do so.

5. Stories from the Field: These are a few case studies from how other companies have successfully deployed Greenhouse at their companies.


Resources in this Toolkit

Thinking Through Process Changes.pdf (400 KB) Announcement E-mail Templates.docx (20 KB) Basic_Users_Training.pptx (20 MB) (10 MB) Hiring_Manager_Training.pptx (6 MB) Maintaining Buy-in E-mail Templates.docx (40 KB)