Refer to this glossary to learn more about common terms in Greenhouse Recruiting.

Term Definition
@mentions Use @mentions to tag other users from your organization in comments on a candidate's profile, scorecard, or application review. The user you @mention will receive an email with your note and a link to the candidate's profile.
Agencies Agency recruiters can use Agencies to submit candidates, view information about the current and next stage of candidates, and receive feedback about their submissions.
Agency recruiters Third-party recruiters external to an organization's recruiting team that are hired to assist you with recruiting.
API Application programming interface. Greenhouse offers five APIs for you to access data programmatically.
Application The information that a candidate has submitted when applying to a job posted by your organization.
Application Review stage The automatic first stage in every job's interview plan in Greenhouse Recruiting. Recruiters can use the application review stage to streamline their screening process for advancing or rejecting new job applicants.
Application rules Automatic actions triggered when an applicant's response to a job post question fulfills the conditions of the rule. Use application rules to automatically filter candidates and define customizable criteria for each job post.
Auto-advance An application rule that automatically advances a potential candidate during the Application Review stage.
Auto-reject An application rule that automatically rejects a potential candidate during the Application Review stage.
Auto-tag An application rule that automatically tags candidates when they select certain responses to a job post question.
Basic user permissions A permission level that can be assigned to new users and determines their access and responsibilities in Greenhouse Recruiting. This level is typically assigned to individuals not participating in recruiting activities for your organization. Basic users can submit referrals, share social media posts, and access your internal job board.
Bulk action Refers to actions in Greenhouse Recruiting that can affect multiple jobs, candidates, or users. Look for the Bulk Action button when you want to make a broad change or copy from one job to another.
Candidate An individual who has officially applied to your organization's job post and is actively being considered.
Candidate activity feed All major actions and communications that have taken place between your organization and a candidate are recorded in the candidate profile's activity feed.
Candidate profile All candidate information is stored here. Use the candidate profile to view a candidate's application materials, contact information, jobs they're being considered for, and much more.
Candidate survey A survey sent to candidates to help measure your organization's overall candidate experience. You can configure when the survey goes out to candidates and which stage candidates need to reach before receiving their survey.
Candidate tags Add tags to candidate profiles to organize and filter certain groups of candidates. You can customize your organization's candidate tags under Configure > Custom Options.
Close reason The configurable field used to provide context for why a job post has been closed. Greenhouse Recruiting provides default close reasons, or you can create custom close reasons for your organization's job posts.


A hiring team role in Greenhouse Recruiting. Coordinators typically manage the coordination and scheduling of candidates in your pipeline.
Custom options Create and configure custom fields, data, and job setup flows with Custom Options on the Configure page.
Email template Create customized templates to quickly send a variety of important email communications to your candidates. 
Email token A placeholder that automatically pulls personalized candidate information into a template or message. For example, the {{CANDIDATE_NAME}} token will automatically populate with the recipient candidate's name.
External job board The careers page where external candidates can apply to your organization's job posts.
External job post The online application to which candidates can apply on your external job board.
Focus attributes Specific candidate attributes that interviewers should look for when filling out their interview scorecards. Focus attributes are highlighted in each interview kit to help interviewers determine their scores.
Follow-up reminders Time-based notifications to remind you to follow up with a candidate.
GDPR Refers to General Data Protection Regulation, a law that regulates the collecting and processing of personal data by organizations with operations or offices located in the European Union.
Goals Set individual, department, and company goals to guide your organization-wide hiring objectives.
Hiring manager A hiring team role in Greenhouse Recruiting. Hiring managers typically act as subject matter experts for a role and are responsible for creating the technical or job-specific pieces of an interview.
Hiring Manager Review stage The stage in Greenhouse Recruiting where hiring managers review candidate applications. This stage typically follows the Application Review stage and allows hiring managers to select which candidates to reject or advance to the next interview stage.
Hiring team Roles used to assign permissions and tasks to users in Greenhouse Recruiting. These include Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Coordinators, and Sourcers. Role-based tasks will appear in the My Tasks section of your dashboard.
Integrations Third-party applications and services that are partnered with Greenhouse. Use third-party integrations to manage your existing hiring tools and processes centrally in Greenhouse Recruiting.
Internal job board The internal job board in Greenhouse Recruiting that is only visible to users in your organization.
Internal job post The online application to which candidates within your organization can apply on your internal job board.

An interview is a section within a stage and is used to signify a specific interaction. For example, a face-to-face stage may have one interview with the hiring manager, and another with the other members of the team. 

Interview kit Build interview kits for each job to provide your interviewers with everything they need to successfully prepare for and conduct an interview with a candidate. You can customize your job's interview kit as part of the interview plan during job creation.
Interview plan The steps your organization will follow to hire a candidate, including application reviews, skill assessments, and face-to-face interactions. Also refers to the planning process for creating focus attributes and interview kits used to evaluate candidates.
Interviewer tags Use interviewer tags to sort your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting users and determine which users should handle specific interviews. You can configure interviewer tags under Configure > Custom Options. 
Job The job post to which a candidate applies. Also refers to the information necessary to hire a candidate for a role, typically defined by the hiring manager.
Job Admin permissions A permission level that can be assigned to users and determines their access and responsibilities in Greenhouse Recruiting. This level is typically assigned to individuals involved with recruiting activities for specific jobs and candidates, most often users with hiring team roles like Hiring Managers, Coordinators, or Recruiters.
Job approval A workflow that requires specific internal team members to approve a new job post before it can be posted to your job board.
Job kickoff form The form in Greenhouse Recruiting that hiring managers and recruiters will use to kick off the structured interviewing process for a job. Configure this form to align on hiring goals and capture key communications.
Job post status

Indicates whether your job post is published to your Greenhouse-hosted job board or your organization's careers page powered by Greenhouse.

Job status Indicates the status of a job within Greenhouse Recruiting. This includes Open, Closed, Draft, or Confidential.
Maildrop Add candidates to Greenhouse Recruiting via email by forwarding candidate resumes to a job-specific Maildrop email or
Offer A formal offer of employment extended to a candidate.
Offer approval A workflow that requires specific internal team members to approve an offer letter before officially sending an offer to a candidate.
Offer template A template you can configure to streamline the process of creating an offer letter for your selected candidate.
Permissions Determines the ability of users in your organization to perform certain actions or access specific areas within the Greenhouse Recruiting platform.
Private candidate A candidate or prospect whose profile cannot be viewed by users in your organization without permissions to see and create private candidates in Greenhouse Recruiting.
Private candidate note Notes that only appear in the Private tab of a candidate's profile. Only users with permission to view private information can access private notes.
Prospect An individual that you are considering for a job opening who has not officially submitted an application.
Recruiter A hiring team role in Greenhouse Recruiting. Recruiters typically guide and provide structure for the overall hiring process.
Referral A candidate who has been submitted for a job in Greenhouse Recruiting by an internal employee.
Rejection reason The configurable field used to provide context for why a candidate or prospect has not been selected to move forward in the interview process. 
Requisition ID Unique IDs used to identify individual jobs in Greenhouse Recruiting.
Scorecard A set of editable criteria that allow interviewers to provide feedback on the candidates they interview. Scorecard criteria can be defined for a specific job, set of jobs, or departments during the job setup process.

Site Admin permissions

A permission level that can be assigned to users and determines their access and responsibilities in Greenhouse Recruiting. Site Admins have the highest level of access and the ability to make changes that impact the configuration of your organization's entire account. Site Admins can view and edit all jobs, run all reports, view and edit candidates, manage custom fields, manage company metadata, and manage organization-wide settings.
Source Refers to how a candidate entered the candidate pipeline for a job. When a candidate submits an application, Greenhouse Recruiting will automatically capture the candidate's source if you've generated a tracking link for the job post.
Sourcer A hiring team role in Greenhouse Recruiting. Sourcers typically build a pipeline of prospects that your recruitment team can tap into when recruiting job candidates.

Sourcing Automation

An outbound sourcing solution in Greenhouse Recruiting. Using Sourcing Automation to find, reach, and engage top talent quickly and effectively and measure the efficacy of your organization's sourcing strategies.

A stage is made up of one or more interviews and is used to categorize a step in the interview process. Some common stages are the application review and face-to-face stages.

Tasks Specific actions in Greenhouse Recruiting that are automatically assigned to a user based on their role on a job's hiring team.
Tracking link A unique link generated for a job post or job board that helps you track a candidate's source. Generate a unique tracking link each time you manually post a job.
Webhook A notification system that sends data to a specific API endpoint when an event has occurred (for example, when a candidate has been hired).