Permissions: Site Admin, who can create and override default approval flows

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

Even if you don't have a job approval process in place at your organization, it is a valuable addition to any hiring pipeline to ensure that new jobs are approved internally before recruiting begins. This process ensures the interview plan, interview kit, scorecard, and other parts of the interview process are set up correctly before candidates apply. 

Approval processes can also be set up for offer approvals. Click here for more information.

Types of approvals

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to configure two types of approval chains: approvals for all new jobs or approvals by office or department.

Creating approvals for all new jobs creates a consistent process across your organization. However, this doesn't give the level of flexibility needed for hiring situations unique to jobs created in a specific department or office location. Approvers must be Site Admins to approve jobs in this chain, or Job Admins with approval permissions on all future jobs. 

An approval for a specific office or department creates an approval chain that is specific to jobs created in a single office or department. Approvers must be Site Admins to approve jobs in this chain, or Job Admins with approval permissions on all future jobs in the specific office and/or department. 

One-stage versus two-stage approvals

By default, Greenhouse Recruiting uses two-stage approvals, which means recruiting approval and the official job approval must be processed separately. 

One-stage approvals combine the recruiting approval and official job approval into a single step. You can choose the approval type that best fits your organization. 

See this topic for more in-depth explanations of approval types.

Configure a new job approval

Click the Configure icon Icon_-_Configure__redesign_.png at the top of the page and select Approvals from the left side of the page. 


Click Add Approval Step


Select Add to add approvers to the step. 


If you selected more than one approver, choose how many approvals are needed to move the job to the next approval step. 


When you're finished, click Save

Select whether to request approvals all at once, or in order.

Note: When an approval is sent in order, each step must meet the approval requirements before it can progress. These approvals are best to save time and limit confusion when your organization has a strict approval process. (For example, requiring finance approve new jobs before recruiters can verify the interview kits.)

All at once approvals send the request to all approvers in all steps at the same time. This option is best in organizations where the order of received approvals does not matter.


Add steps as needed to complete your approval process. 

Approvals by office/department

You can add a unique approval process for a specific office location or department by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Remember, only one process can exist for an office and department combination. 


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