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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

If your organization is launching Greenhouse Onboarding for the first time, you'll want to double-check that you've set up everything your team needs to get started. You should preview your onboarding activities and emails to ensure that new hires and members of their onboarding team have a smooth experience.

Use the below checklists to review different elements of your Greenhouse Onboarding setup before launch. Since the user experience in Greenhouse Onboarding varies by role, we've created checklists for each role. This will allow you to preview and update any aspect of each user's onboarding process before you launch.

Tip: Create test employees in Greenhouse Onboarding with different access levels, including employee, manager, and Coordinator, in order to test each role's onboarding flow.

New hire checklist

Create a test new hire in your Greenhouse Onboarding account. Log in as your test new hire, then review the following items:

Review the 'Your next steps' email
Review the 'Welcome to the team' email
Review your assigned task emails
Review your assigned E-Signature email
Review your assigned onboarding goals emails
Preview each of your welcome experiences and all welcome experience pages
Review all E-Signature templates and counter signers for assigned documents
Review all required new hire fields
Review all onboarding tasks and mark one as complete
Search for another employee's profile to preview default information access
Review and answer assigned feedback questions
Review your assigned onboarding goals

Manager checklist

Create a test employee in Greenhouse Onboarding and assign them as a manager to the above new hire. Log in as your test manager, then review the following items:

Review the 'People to notify' email
Review the 'Please provide more information' email
Review the 'Create goals for new hire' email
Review your task emails
Review and fill out employee fields assigned to you
Create and send onboarding goals to your test new hire
Counter sign an E-Signature document
Review your tasks and mark a task as complete
Review feedback responses submitted by your test new hire

Coordinator checklist

Create a test employee in Greenhouse Onboarding and assign them Coordinator access. Log in as your test Coordinator, then review the following items:

Mark a test employee as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting to test your integration
Review the 'New pending hire' email
Onboard the pending hire and review your onboarding plan setup
Create and review field reports to share with your onboarding team
Review and download signed E-Signature documents

Owner checklist

Review the following items from your own Greenhouse Onboarding account:

Review your setup for employees with Coordinator access and Manager access
Create and review any custom access roles
Review your organization's single sign-on setup