Permissions: Owner, Coordinator

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier

Powered by eSignature by Dropbox Sign, the E-Signature feature in Greenhouse Onboarding is a great way to start new hires off on the right foot and will help automate paperwork for your onboarding team. This feature allows you to upload and map e-signature forms for new hires with options to add co-signers and rules for automatically assigning specific documents.

Create e-signature template

To create a new e-signature template, click Settings from your navigation bar and select E-Signature Templates on the left.

On the next page, click Add Template.

From the Create E-Signature Template box, give the template a name.

You may also want to give the template a public name when viewed by others. If you want to create a public name for the template, click the checkbox for Requires a different public-facing name and input the public-facing name in the provided field.

If your template requires a counter signer, click the checkbox for Requires a counter signer and choose the appropriate counter signer from the subsequent dropdown menu.

Click Select Source File to upload a PDF of your document.

When you're done, click Next.

In the next step, we'll map where e-signatures, initials, and timestamps will be placed in your uploaded PDF.

Configure signature fields

You can add signature lines, initials, textboxes, and sign dates on the next page by selecting the icon and clicking anywhere on your document. This will drop the field onto the page.

Once the field is on the page, you will be able to move the field around, resize the length of the field, set the field as required, and / or assign the field to be filled out by specific individuals.

When you're finished mapping the form, click Continue.

Assign rules and schedule

In the last step of the new e-signature template process, you can apply rules to your template so that it will automatically generate for new hires at a certain time.

To have your template automatically assigned to new hires who match certain criteria, toggle Add to Onboarding Plan to ON.

Note: If you would rather manually assign templates to New Hires, set the toggle to OFF. In this case, e-signature templates will be assigned directly from Employee Profile > Documents > Request Signature. Once manually added, an e-signature request notification will be immediately generated.

If Add to Onboarding Plan is toggled to ON, you can configure an Assign date and set rules by department, location, employment status, and your other criteria matches. 

Use the Assign Date dropdown to select when the e-signature template should be assigned to a new hire.

To set an assignment date to commence on a new hire's start date, select On Start Date from the Assign Date dropdown.

To set an assignment date prior to or after a new hire's start date, select Custom from the Assign Date dropdown menu.

Use the provided fields to select whether the e-signature template will be sent Before or After the new hire's start date and how many days before / after.

Note: If a new hire is added to your Greenhouse Onboarding account after the scheduled assigned date lapses, the new hire will immediately receive the e-signature request.

You can use the Applies to new hires whose fields to apply rules to the e-signature template so that it only populates for new hires who match the specified criteria.

When you're finished, click Save. Your new e-signature template has been created!