Permissions: Owner, Coordinator

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The 'Your next steps' email is a follow-up email sent from Greenhouse Onboarding to a new hire after they've been added into the system. In this email, new hires will receive a summary of who their manager is and any tasks that need their attention.

Note: Learn more about setting the delivery schedule for your organization's 'Your next steps' email.

Default 'Your next steps' email sections

When new hires receive a 'Your next steps' email, they'll see the following core sections:

Section title Section info
Get Started button New hires can click this button to navigate to Greenhouse Onboarding.
Documents Awaiting Your Signature Any e-signature documents assigned to your new hire will appear here.
Upcoming Tasks to Complete Any upcoming onboarding tasks that require attention will appear here. 
Your Manager The new hire's direct manager and title.
Your Department The new hire's department.
Your Location The new hire's work location.

Note: Upcoming Tasks to Complete are tasks with assign dates on or before the scheduled delivery date of the 'Your next steps' email. This section will not appear for tasks with an assign date beyond the 'Your next steps' delivery date.

Edit the default 'Your next steps' email

Learn more about editing the default 'Your next steps' email and configuring your email's delivery with the following resources:

Add new variation of 'Your next steps' email

Your organization can elect to add new variations of the default 'Your next steps' email. If your organization adds a 'Your next steps' email variation, new hires receive either a variant 'Your next steps' email (based on their filter conditions) or the default version.

To create a new 'Your next steps' email, click Settings from the navigation bar and select Emails on the left.

Navigate to the Your next steps section and click Create template.

Use the subsequent box to:

  • Enable / deactivate the new variation
  • Provide the variation with a name
  • Create the message / body of the email
  • Select filter criteria

Note: Since the variant email is intended to replace the default Your next steps email for certain employees, you'll need to associate filter criteria with your new variation.

When finished, click Save and Close.

Your organization's new 'Your next steps' email will be added and sent out to new hires who fulfill the criteria you have selected.

The 'Your next steps' email assigned to the new hire can be viewed from the Onboarding Plan page when adding a new hire to your account.