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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

By default, Greenhouse Onboarding provides your organization with three essential roles to help manage your onboarding process:

Note: Users are granted Manager access when they are assigned as a Manager on another user's profile.

While these roles typically cover a wide range of administrative needs, we recognize your organization may need to create unique roles to help manage certain tasks throughout your onboarding process.

With Greenhouse Onboarding's Custom Access tier, your organization can create custom roles with very specific administrative and employee field permissions. Custom roles your organization might consider creating include Hiring Manager, HR Specialist, Accounting Team, and IT Manager.

Create a custom role

You can add a custom role on the Permissions page. (Settings > Permissions)

Screenshot of permissions sidebar item

Scroll down to the Custom Access panel and click Create New.

Screenshot of create new custom access permission

Add a name for the new Custom Role. When you're finished, click Save and Close.

Screenshot of custom access role name save button

The new Custom Role will be appear on the Custom Access panel.

Screenshot of choosing role from custom access panel

Add users to a custom role and define basic permissions

Select the custom role on the Permissions page.

Screenshot of choosing role from custom access panel

Click Add User on the Users tab.

Screenshot of add users button

Select the users who should be assigned the custom role in the Add Users field. In the second half of the window, determine what employees, departments, or employment status the custom role should be able to modify.

Screenshot of add users to custom roll page

Note: If a specific employee should be excluded from having their employee fields viewed, edited, and/or managed by the Custom Role despite matching the rules criteria, add that employee to the Except for these employees field.

Click Save and Close when you're finished.

Update the name of a custom role

You can modify the name of a custom role on the Settings tab by clicking the edit icon.

Screenshot of editing a custom roll name

After you enter the new name into the field, click Save.

Manage the custom role's administrative permissions

Each custom role has a unique set of permissions that allow assigned users to complete actions in Greenhouse Recruiting. These options are separated into administrative privileges and field privileges:

  • Administrative privileges: Broad permissions related to assigning tasks and employee documents for both future and current employees.
  • Field privileges: Specific permission that allows the custom role to view or edit selected information on an employee's profile.

By default, custom roles aren't assigned any administrative privileges. You can assign administrative privileges to a role by selecting the checkbox on the Settings tab.

Screenshot of administrative privileges

Manage a custom role's employee field permissions

Note: The Custom Role's view and edit access to other employee fields will be set to Default Employee Access unless additional access is granted.

Field permissions are a specific set of privileges that allow a user to view or update fields on an employee's profile. This functionality is more specific than administrative permissions, which give the user more access to manage the employee's documents and tasks.

Example: An IT Support Specialist may need a custom role to access and edit a field for Computer Model so they can keep track of equipment assigned to different employees through Greenhouse Onboarding.

By assigning an employee field permission to a custom role, the organization can ensure that the support specialist can update the correct profiles, without getting full access to the Greenhouse Onboarding system and employee profiles.

To grant additional access to employee fields for the Custom Role, click the Settings tab from the Custom Role Permissions page and navigate to the Field Permissions panel.

Screenshot of field permissions

Configure the Custom Role's access permissions for each employee field by placing a check under the appropriate column. By using different combinations of the checkboxes, you can define unique permission sets for each field. See the sections below for more information on specific combinations.

View Only

Selecting only the Can View for Employees checkbox allows the custom role to see the field's contents on the employee profile. However, they will not be able to make any changes to the information.


View and Edit

Selecting both checkboxes gives the custom role the ability to see and update the selected field.

Note: Giving access to edit an employee field automatically grants permission to view the field.

Screenshot of full access custom role


If neither checkbox is selected, the field will be hidden for the custom role. This setup is often used for sensitive or private information that should only be viewed by managers and administrators.

Screenshot of hidden field custom role