The Owner role under the Administrative Access tier has the highest level of permissions in Greenhouse Onboarding and should only be given to a select few users. Users assigned the Owner role in Greenhouse Onboarding can see and edit all employee fields and perform every available administrative task in the system. In this article, we will cover how to edit users in the Owner role and view the permissions associated with the role.

To edit the permissions for the Owner role and assign it to users in your organization, navigate to the Permissions page and click Owner under the Administrative Access panel.



Add/Remove Users From Owner Role

From the Owner role permissions page, the Users tab will specify the users who are currently assigned the Owner role and their associated email address. Click Add User to add an additional user account to the list.


From the subsequent dialog box, use the provided dropdown menu to select user(s) who will be assigned the Owner role. When finished, click Save and Close.


The selected user(s) will be added to the list of user accounts who are assigned the Owner role. 

To remove a user account from the Owner role, hover over their name on the list and click Remove.


From the subsequent dialog box, confirm the decision to remove the user from the Owner role and click Remove.

Note: Owners cannot downgrade their own user accounts to the Coordinator role. Attempts to either remove their own accounts from the Owner role or adding their user accounts to the Coordinator role will fail. 


View Permissions for Owner Role

All permissions associated with the Owner role can be viewed from the Owner role permissions page by clicking Settings.


By default, the Owner role has the highest level of permissions in Greenhouse Onboarding. These permissions are applied to all users who are assigned the role and are uneditable. Users who are assigned the Owner role can:

  • Manage employee documents and signature requests
  • Configure the onboarding tasks for future employees
  • See and edit the tasks that have been assigned to current employees
  • View employee custom field reports
  • Onboard new hires
  • Create and access employee reports
  • Terminate employee
  • Delete employee record
  • Resend new hire emails
  • Build Welcome Experience