Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Greenhouse Onboarding provides default access for all employees in your organization. Generally, this role determines which employee fields a user can view and edit who is not assigned a manager, administrative, or custom role. Unless a user is given a manager, administrative, or custom role, all users in Greenhouse Onboarding will automatically inherit view and/or edit access to employee fields configured in this tier. 

Additionally, this tier acts as the default employee field permission for administrative and custom roles unless configured otherwise.

In this article we will cover the various configurations you can set up for every employee field:

Can edit for oneself

To begin, click Settings from your navigation bar. Then, navigate to Permissions in the left-side panel. 


Click edit inline with Employee Access under the Default Access panel. 


Checkmark Can Edit for Oneself under each Field Permission. This enables all employees to view and edit the specific employee field on their own user accounts.


Note: Employee fields marked with a red asterisk denote that an onboarding employee is required to provide that value during their onboarding process. 


Viewable to company

Checkmark the Viewable to Company box. This makes the employee field viewable to other users in the company. 


When an employee field is view-only, employees can view the field on each other's user accounts but cannot edit the information for their own account. For example, while you may allow employees to view another employee's manager, you might not want employees to edit who their managers are in the system.

Note: Add a checkmark to both columns to grant edit access for oneself and view access for the company. 

Hidden from employee

If an employee field has neither Can Edit for Oneself or Viewable to Company selected, the field is hidden from the employee and does not appear on their employee profile. 

Generally, this state for employee fields is reserved for administrative fields that the average employee will not need to access such as Date of Termination.