Permissions: Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The Coordinator role in Greenhouse Onboarding under the Administrative Access tier is a permission grouping designed for users who need to perform essential duties related to the administration of your onboarding process. Unlike the Owner role, which has the full view and edit access to all fields in your account, your organization can decide the necessary fields this role can view, edit, and manage.

Add a users to the coordinator role

Navigate to the Permissions page and select the Coordinator role from the Administrative Access panel. (Settings > Permissions > Coordinator

Screenshot of coordinator role

Click Add User.

Screenshot of add user button for coordinator

Select the user from the dropdown menu and click Save and Close.

Screenshot of add users window

Note: If the user is already an Owner, they can't be added as a Coordinator. 

Remove a user from the coordinator role

To remove a user account from the Coordinator role, navigate to the list of users assigned to the coordinator role. (Settings > Permissions > Coordinators)

Screenshot of coordinator role

Click the Remove button next to the user

Screenshot of remove button

Click Remove in the confirmation window.

Screenshot of delete coordinator confirmation prompt

Manage Coordinator Role's administrative permissions

You can manage the permissions for the role on the Settings tab.

Screenshot of coordinator administrative permissions

The Coordinator role can always perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Can configure the onboarding tasks for future employees
  • Can see and edit the tasks that have been assigned to current employees
  • Can view employee custom field reports

In addition to these administrative tasks, your organization can also allow all users assigned to the Coordinator role to manage employee documents and signature requests

Manage Coordinator Role's employee field permissions

Note: The Coordinator role's view and edit access to other employee fields will be set to the Default Access (Employee Access) unless additional access is granted.

Coordinators also have the opportunity to view and modify the fields on an employee's account.

To control access to a specific field, select the checkboxes in the Can Edit for Employees and Can View for Employees columns. 

Some fields can be seen by default, and already have a grey checkmark in the Can View for Employees column.

Screenshot of coordinator field permissions

See the sections below for more information on specific configurations.

View only 

To allow a coordinator to see a field, but not modify it, select the Can View for Employees box but leave the Can Edit for Employees box unselected.

Screenshot of view only coordinator permission

View and edit

To allow coordinators to both see and modify a field, select the checkbox in both columns. 

Screenshot of full access coordinator field

Note: Selecting the Can Edit for Employees box will automatically allow them to view the field. 


To hide an employee's field from the coordinator role, leave both boxes blank.

Screenshot of hidden coordinator field