Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding integration

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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Greenhouse Onboarding integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse Recruiting so that you can transfer and manage candidates into your organization as onboarding new hires.

In this article, we will cover how to:

Enable Greenhouse Recruiting/Onboarding integration

Contact your Greenhouse Onboarding Customer Success Manager to request your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting account be integrated with its Greenhouse Onboarding account.

Configure new hire import rules

Once your organization's Greenhouse Recruiting (GHR) account is integrated with its Greenhouse Onboarding (GHO) account, candidates marked as Hired in GHR will be pushed automatically to GHO.


When you log into Greenhouse Onboarding, you will notice all Pending Hires on the homepage of your dashboard. By default, the integration will import all candidates marked Hired in Greenhouse Recruiting as Pending Hires into Greenhouse Onboarding. No further action is necessary if your organization would like to keep this default. Click here to navigate to the next step in the integration setup.


If your organization only plans to use Greenhouse Onboarding for certain departments and/or offices and would like to customize which hired candidates are imported into Greenhouse Onboarding, click Settings from the navigation bar.


Once on the settings page, click Integrations under the Data Flow section on the left-side panel.

Then, select Edit inline with Greenhouse Recruiting.


Use the provided fields to select Department(s), Location(s), and/or the Employment Statuses for New Hires. Only New Hires who match these criteria will be imported into Greenhouse Onboarding.

You can also import file attachments from Greenhouse Recruiting. Click the toggle button to enable this feature. 

Note: When you turn the toggle on, the following documents will import from Greenhouse Recruiting: scorecard feedback, resumes, cover letters, and offer documents.

When finished, click Save.


Map fields

By default, the following information for each pending hire will be transferred to Greenhouse Onboarding using the integration:

Note: First and Last Name will be imported into Greenhouse Onboarding's Legal Name section instead of the candidate's Preferred Name. This is because Greenhouse Onboarding does not have the concept of a Preferred Name.

In order to transfer additional information from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding for a pending hire, you will need to perform a one-time mapping of your desired fields. This will allow Greenhouse Onboarding to successfully link a Greenhouse Recruiting value with its corresponding field in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Note: To ensure seamless integration, we recommend having your fields set up in Greenhouse Recruiting prior to mapping them in Greenhouse Onboarding. View our Additional Resources section of this article to learn how to set up your desired fields in Greenhouse Recruiting. 

To begin, click Settings from the navigation bar. Then, select Fields from the left-side panel.


Click any unmapped field to launch the edit box. 


From the edit box, use the Corresponding GHR Field dropdown menu to select a Greenhouse Recruiting field.

Note: If needed, you can edit who in your organization has access to this field by going to Settings > Permissions.

When finished, click Save.


The Greenhouse Onboarding field is now mapped to the corresponding Greenhouse Recruiting field and will be included in pre-filled fields for Pending Hires.

Field mapping FAQ

I tried to map fields, but the values are not transferring from Greenhouse Recruiting. What do I need to do?

Are the fields in Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding multiple choice?

  • If you are mapping a multiple-choice field between Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse Onboarding, the answer values in Greenhouse Recruiting must match the answer values in Greenhouse Onboarding.
  • Example: If you are mapping T-Shirt size and the options in Greenhouse are Small, Medium, Large, then the options for T-Shirt size in Greenhouse Onboarding must also be Small, Medium, and Large (instead of S, M, L).

Is the field in Greenhouse Recruiting a text field and the corresponding field in Greenhouse Onboarding a multiple choice field?

  • If the value entered in Greenhouse Recruiting is not one of the available multiple-choice options in Greenhouse Onboarding, it will not transfer over.
  • The answer values in Greenhouse Recruiting must match the answer values in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Can I add a custom field group in Greenhouse Onboarding?

  • Yes! Our Support article, Field groups, guides you through completing this process in your Greenhouse Onboarding. 

Additional Resources 

Review the following Support articles for more information on setting up custom fields in Greenhouse Recruiting that can later be mapped into Greenhouse Onboarding: