Offer fields provide a record of a candidate offer, and provide values which can be used to generate additional documentation like offer letters and emails.

By default, Greenhouse Recruiting provides every organization with the following offer fields:

  • Start Date
  • Options
  • Current Salary
  • Employment Type
  • Benefits
  • Notes
  • Salary
  • Visa Cost
  • Bonus
  • Source Cost

However, job admins can also create custom offer fields to serve the needs of your organization.


Create a new custom offer field

Click the Configure icon Configure.png in the upper right-hand corner. Select Custom Options from the left panel.


Click Offers under the Company Custom Fields section.


The Custom Fields: Offers page will list all of your organization's custom offer fields. To add a new custom offer field, click the Add Field button.


Define the new custom field by entering information in the available fields. See the table below for more information on the available options. 

When the offer is configured, click Save


Offer fields

Field Name The name of the custom offer field.
Description Additional context, direction, and/or summary that will be displayed with the custom field.
Only show for offers made in these offices Only shows the field when the job is associated with a selected office.
Only show for offers made in these departments Only shows the field when the job is associated with a selected department.
Field Type

The type of response that can be entered in the field.

Once this option is saved, it cannot be changed. If the wrong Type was selected, the offer field must be recreated. 

If you chose single select and multi select type options, enter each available option in the available field.

Create new email token

Allows the information from the custom field to be included in email templates or offer letter documentation. When this option is selected, you must enter the token text between the curly brackets. 

Click here for more information on offer tokens.

Required Makes the custom offer field a required field when creating any new offer.
Changes to this field trigger a new offer version Generates a new version of the offer if someone changes the field on the job. This step may require organizations to re-approve the offer in the workflow. 

When finished, click Save to create your new custom offer field.