Employee pronouns and pronunciations in Greenhouse Onboarding

Permissions: Employee or above

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Managers can support inclusive hiring by ensuring pronouns are up-to-date on employee profiles. With self-empowerment in mind, new hires and current employees also have the ability to self-select, edit, or remove pronouns directly from their employee profiles. 

Add/edit pronouns for new hires

Note: Users with Manager access can view new hire profiles for their direct reports. Additionally, add and edit access of pronouns is based on permissions granted by your Site Admin. 

Select a New Hire from your Greenhouse Onboarding dashboard. 

Screenshot of the my new hires panel.

Click Edit inline with the Information box.

Screenshot of the edit button.

Add a checkmark to all Personal Pronouns that apply to your new hire as needed. By default, any pronouns provided by your new hire during the interview stage are selected. 

Click Save at the top of the Information dialog box once finished. 

Add/edit pronouns as an employee

As an employee, you can add or edit your own pronouns.

Click your initials in the top-right corner of your dashboard and select Profile from the dropdown menu. 

Screenshot of the dashboard dropdown menu.

Click Edit in the Information box.

Screenshot of the edit box.

Add a checkmark or unselect any Personal Pronouns as needed. By default, any pronouns you provided during the interview stage are selected. 

Click Save at the top of the Information box once finished. 

View employee pronunciation

Click the Play button from your new hire's Profile to hear the recording. Employees can also listen to their own recordings from their employee Profile.

Screenshot of the play button.

Note: All users can view candidate pronunciations transferred from Greenhouse Recruiting; however, add/edit and delete access is currently unavailable in Greenhouse Onboarding. Pronunciations are also not available to add to choreographed introductions, emails, tasks, or Welcome Experience tokens.  

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