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Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

The below checklist is an aid to help you organize the tasks needed for a successful launch of Greenhouse Onboarding. The checklist is divided into various roles. Access Greenhouse Onboarding as the roles described and complete the subsequent actions. 

New hire checklist

Review the Next Steps email in your inbox
Review the Welcome to the Team email in your inbox
Access the Welcome Experience from your inbox and navigate through each page
Fill out each e-signature document in the Welcome Experience
Fill out each field in the Welcome Experience
Log into Greenhouse Onboarding > View a Task > Mark as Complete
Review the task emails
Log into Greenhouse Onboarding and see what you can view on another employee's profile
Answer the feedback questions

Manager checklist

Review the People to Notify email in your inbox
Fill out fields assigned to you
Counter-sign a document
Review task emails
Mark a task as complete
View feedback answers submitted by your New Hire

HR manager checklist

Mark someone as hired in Greenhouse Recruiting and view all the correct fields mapped from Greenhouse Recruiting to Greenhouse Onboarding
Receive the Pending Hire Notification
Onboard the pending hire and test different onboarding criteria
View Task emails
Mark a task as complete
Edit an assigned task
View field reports that you can share with your team
Download signed documents