Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome subscription tiers

Owners and Coordinators can access the Settings page to manage various settings for your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding or Greenhouse Welcome account.


Navigate to Settings > Introduction > Settings Overview to get started with essential settings for your organization's account. Here, you can set up onboarding plan defaults, add department info, and craft your organization's new hire experience.


Company info

Use Company Info settings to add departments and locations, set new hire fields, and manage 3rd-party task systems.

Note: Deleting a department or location will impact any onboarding plan which uses that department or location to assign specific onboarding activities. We recommend editing your onboarding plan to change selected departments or locations rather than deleting these options in Company Info.


Add departments for your organization. You can also edit or delete any existing departments.

Note: Coordinators have access to view departments. Only Owners can add or edit departments.



Add, edit, or delete office locations and addresses for your organization.

Note: Coordinators have access to view locations. Only Owners can add or edit locations.



Add, edit, and organize a variety of fields to collect information about your new hires during onboarding.


3rd-party task systems

Connect Greenhouse Onboarding to your 3rd-party task systems to manage new hire tasks within your established ticketing processes.


Onboarding plan

Use Onboarding Plan settings to manage and preview elements of your organization's onboarding plan for new hires.

Other criteria

Configure other criteria beyond a new hire's department, location, and employment status to generate flexible and tailored onboarding plans.

Note: Deleting other criteria will impact any onboarding plan which uses these criteria to assign specific onboarding activities. We recommend editing your onboarding plan to change your selected other criteria rather than deleting these criteria.



Build, edit, and manage tasks that you can assign to new hires, managers, and other users during the onboarding process.


E-Signature templates

Build and manage E-Signature templates to streamline e-signature requests sent to onboarding employees.



Enable and schedule emails to help your new hires get ready for their onboarding. These include choreographed introductions, 'Your next steps' emails, 'Welcome to the team' emails, and a variety of other core emails.



Create custom questions to gather feedback about the onboarding process from your new hires.


Preview onboarding plans

Preview how your organization's onboarding plans will appear to new hires with different departments, locations, employment statuses, and other criteria.


Welcome experience

Customize the look and feel of your organization's new hire Welcome Experience by building branded assets and pages.

Branded assets

Upload a custom navigation icon and configure other branded assets to maintain brand standards for your organization.



Build custom Welcome Experience pages to introduce new hires to your organization and their onboarding team, gather basic employee information, and cover next steps.


Preview welcome experiences

Preview how your organization's Welcome Experience pages will appear to new hires with different departments, locations, employment statuses, and other criteria.


Data flow

Use Data Flow settings to configure integrations and SAML, set up user permissions, or manage API keys for your organization.


Configure a variety of integrations for applicant tracking, human resource management, or single sign-on.



Configure default access permissions for Employees and Managers or administrative access permissions for Owners and Coordinators. You can also build custom access permissions.


API management

If your organization uses the Greenhouse Onboarding API, you can generate API access keys here.


Single Sign-On

If your organization uses single sign-on (SSO) to authenticate users, you can create or update your SAML configuration in the Single Sign-On tab.

Note: Only users with Owner access can set up a SAML configuration in Greenhouse Onboarding.

Single Sign On page in Greenhouse Onboarding settings with SSO tab highlighted

On the Single Sign-On page, fill out or edit the following fields with your organization's SSO credentials:

  • Single sign-on URL
  • Single logout URL (optional)
  • IdP certificate fingerprint (in SHA1 format)

Mark the checkbox above the Save button if your organization uses Azure AD as an Identity Provider.

Click Save when you're done.

Note: The SSO Assertion Consumer (ACS) URL and Entity ID/Issuer values are provided by Greenhouse and can't be edited.