Permissions: Owners and Coordinators

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

We believe a great onboarding experience for a new hire happens in four key areas: tasks, E-Signature documents, emails, and feedback. These four areas make up your overall onboarding plan.

In Greenhouse Onboarding, onboarding plans are generated automatically based on a new hire's department, location, employment status, and other criteria defined in their profile. From Settings, Owners and Coordinators can configure and preview onboarding plans based on these criteria in the Onboarding Plan section.

Greenhouse Onboarding Settings page with Onboarding Plan section opened and highlighted

Note: Unlike onboarding plan tasks, onboarding goals are configured by Owners or Managers in a new hire's employee profile and aren't automatically assigned. Make sure to create and assign goals for your new hires to help them successfully onboard!


Tasks are used to manage and assign administrative processes to new hires, managers, and other members of a new hire's onboarding team. For example, you can set up tasks for managers to schedule a meeting with their new hires or for the IT team to add new hires to your organization's internal systems. When you create a task, you can also create rules that automatically assign tasks to employees based on specific criteria.

Use tasks to automate the logistics of your new hire's onboarding and deliver a streamlined new hire experience.

E-Signature documents

E-Signatures in Greenhouse Onboarding help automate the process of signing documents needed to get your new hires onboard.

When configuring E-Signature templates, you can upload documents and create signature fields for each required signer. Like tasks, documents can be automatically assigned to new hires and their onboarding teams based on rules.


Use automated emails in Greenhouse Onboarding to welcome new hires and effectively communicate with members of your organization about upcoming tasks and goals.

Once turned on, emails will be delivered at a specified time to new hires, managers, and other onboarding team members. Create customized email templates for choreographed introductions or new hire welcome emails, and turn on core emails to automate reminders about incoming hires, tasks, and goals.


Feedback in Greenhouse Onboarding gives new hires an opportunity to provide valuable, actionable reviews of your onboarding plan and your organization.

While we provide a few feedback questions to get you started, you can create custom feedback questions to suit your organization's needs and address any additional areas of interest or concern where you'd like to gather insights.

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