An email will be sent to the New Hire on a pre-assigned day after their start date to inform them that there are pending Feedback questions regarding their onboarding experience.

Note: New Hires won't be asked certain questions if they do not fulfill the criteria you set in the Feedback question's rules. For more information on creating Feedback questions, click here.

Once the email has been received by the New Hire, they can click on Get Started to access the feedback questions. New Hires will be directed to the list of outstanding questions that they have yet to answer.


Any questions that are scheduled for a later date will not appear on the list. New Hires will be sent another email when those later scheduled questions are asked. If a New Hire does not answer the feedback questions after 14 days, we will stop sending them reminder emails for that set of feedback questions. This will not prevent new feedback questions from being sent to the New Hire in the future.

New Hires can answer each question by selecting Yes or No to each question and/or provide additional comments. Likewise, they can skip questions if they wish. When finished, the New Hire will click on Submit Answers at the bottom of the Feedback questions page.


New Hires will not be able to change answers after responses are submitted; a dialog box will appear to remind them of this. To confirm their submission, they will click on Submit Answers.


New Hire responses to Feedback questions will be recorded and emailed to anyone assigned in the Feedback question's Who should be notified when this is answered? field.