Make confident, informed hiring decisions

Your hiring success ultimately depends on your team’s ability to choose the best candidates for your open roles. Making the right decision requires the right information. Interviews should be intentionally designed to deliver the most crucial data and feedback at the appropriate time. This not only makes it easier to use these insights when making hiring decisions, it gives your hiring team a clear set of standards for feedback and discussion. That’s how you build a hiring process for scale.

The spectrum of hiring processes at companies is what we call the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ curve, which we break down into four stages: chaotic, inconsistent, systematic and, finally, strategic.

As companies climb the Hiring Maturity curve, we see them start to focus on a few key behaviors and strategic conversations to consistently make quality hires with confidence.






At these stages, it’s important to lay the groundwork to make effective hiring decisions. Strengthen your hiring team’s relationships by aligning on role requirements and feedback expectations before meeting with any candidates. Empower team members with clear processes and training to increase consistency in your interviews.


Key conversations to enable change management:

Train your interviewers
  • Review how to properly prepare for and conduct interviews, when and where to provide feedback and any other hiring process components
  • Use the Greenhouse interviewer training template and/or instructional video to get started

Take action in Greenhouse with the following configuration:
Require scorecards to be submitted for every interview clock.png 1 min
Create scorecard attributes for every job clock.png 15 mins

Employ strategies to mitigate unconscious bias during interviews
  • Unconscious bias training transcends the recruiting process and can apply to all areas of your business, but is particularly important when it comes to making data-driven hiring decisions
  • For ideas on how to reduce bias and train interviewers accordingly, check out our blog post
Optimize hiring team alignment and collaboration by implementing kick-off meetings for every new role
  • Establish and maintain best practices for your structured hiring process
  • Collect all the information you need to align on expectations about process goals and methods
  • See our blog post and efficient decisions course for guidance on implementing kick-off meetings


Additional actions to configure Greenhouse with your team:



You’ve already built out a structured hiring process where you consistently gather feedback from interviews, but there’s room to improve. Move up the Hiring Maturity curve with a more consistent, strategic hiring process with these tips.


Key conversations to enable change management:

Prepare interview questions and facilitation guidance for your interviewers
  • Develop a consistent set of questions for each interview (and interviewer)
  • Make sure these questions directly evaluate each attribute the interviewer is meant to be rating in their feedback
  • Check out our blog post for inspiration and guidance on crafting your own strategic interview questions

Take action in Greenhouse with the following configuration:
Mitigate bias and gain clarity on interview feedback by requiring notes from interviewers DE&I clock.png 5 mins
Evaluate candidate attributes more thoroughly by adding custom questions to interview kits clock.png 15 mins

Create a scalable action plan around responding to feedback
  • Build out a standardized review process to use after each interview, focusing on the most essential skills/qualifications evaluated at each point in the process
  • Check out our blog post and efficient hiring decision course for guidance on designing an effective decision making process


Additional actions to configure Greenhouse with your team:



You’re using a structured process to select great candidates for almost every role, giving your company the confidence and tools to consistently hire for whatever is next. But even the best companies can continue to grow their hiring expertise. And in that spirit, here are a few tips to help you truly become a leader in the space:


Key conversations to enable change management:

Create a framework for how your team will make final hiring decisions
  • Align your team on what to consider when making final decisions and who will be responsible for each part of the process
  • Check out our blog post and efficient hiring decision course for additional guidance on improving late-stage decision making

Follow this up with further action:
Streamline final candidate evaluations by defining the most important attributes for candidate roundups clock.png 5 mins/job
Conduct final roundup meetings with the hiring team prior to making hiring decisions

Conduct a post-hire analysis when you close a role
  • Improve and iterate on your hiring plan based on feedback
  • Update the scorecard, interview questions and anything else based on discussions with your hiring team
  • Look at data from your recent hiring process to help identify opportunities for improvement
  • Watch this video for how to win with reporting


Additional actions to configure Greenhouse with your team: