Structured hiring: Candidate round-up

A candidate round-up meeting is held at the end of a structured hiring process so that you can make a hiring decision based on the process you just completed. There are three goals that a successful candidate round-up should accomplish:

  1. Decision on who you will extend an offer to
  2. Create a short list of actions required to make an offer
  3. Review the hiring process your team has just finished and learn how you can improve for next time.

In this article, we will cover some best practices for running a candidate round-up meeting, reviewing the structured hiring process, and address some outstanding troubleshooting issues you might experience. 


Candidate Round-Up Meeting

The candidate round-up meeting provides a space for your hiring team to come together and systematically review the data gathered from the interview process and make a hiring decision. Prior to this meeting, confirm that all interviewer feedback is complete. We also suggest that prior to the meeting you figure out who are the decision makers, who has veto powers, etc... 

When evaluating candidates, be sure to stick to the scorecard attributes rather than relying on summations or generalizations of each candidate. You will save time and make more data-driven decisions this way. To start, discuss candidates who did not perform at the same caliber as the rest of the candidates. You will want to knock those candidates out first. However, be sure to provide the opportunity for others on the hiring team to counter with their assessments

Next, review the candidates one at a time. Start with each candidates' strengths and then focus on areas that received mixed feedback. Ask yourselves whether these attributes are coachable or grounds for disqualification. For the candidates who remain, do a head to head scorecard evaluation and, as a team, discuss which candidate is most set up for success.



Review Hiring Process

Once a hiring decision is made and the actions for making an offer discussed, spend the remaining time of the candidate round-up to review the process undertaken for the role. Even if you do not plan to hire for this specific role again for a long time, the lessons gleaned from the review can help inform your overall approach to structured hiring. Below is a video of how you can use reports to improve this process:



As previously stated, your structured hiring process is a constant work in progress. It should be your goal to continually improve with each iteration of the process. Below are solutions to common pitfalls that we have seen: