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Emails Overview


By default, Greenhouse Onboarding comes pre-populated with email templates that will be sent out to members of your organization when a New Hire is added.

Additional customization to the Welcome to the Team! and Your Next Steps email is possible for users who are assigned to the Coordinator or Owner roles in your account. For more information about how to edit and manage emails in your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding account please follow: 


Default Greenhouse Onboarding Emails

Email Name Description Delivery Date Recipient
Your Next Steps A summary of who their manager and team is, and what tasks they have to complete. Custom text can be added. Immediately after New Hire is added* New Hire
Welcome to the Team! A summary of who their manager and team is, and what tasks they have to complete. Custom text can be added. 7:00AM (Pacific), 2 days before start date* New Hire 
New Pending Hire Notification email that a new Pending Hire is available to be onboarded in your account.  Immediately after pending hire is added  Owner 
New Hire Added Notification email that a New Hire has been added to your account.  Immediately after New Hire is added  Specified list of Employees 
Provide More Info For New Hire Will provide a link to a form for the Manager to fill out required info. Immediately after New Hire is added  Manager 
E-Signature Email Sent to employees that have to sign documents, with links to the document signature workflow.  Immediately after New Hire is added  Employees 
Weekly Task Summary Email Summarizes all tasks that are assigned to the user (including newly assigned tasks and overdue tasks).  Every Monday Employees
Overdue Tasks Reminder Email A single email sent to employees with any overdue tasks.  Daily Employees
You Have # New Tasks Sent to employees for tasks assigned to them.  On the date the task is configured to be assigned (# of days before due date), or immediately if assigned from the employee profile Employees 
Task Reminder A daily list of all of the incomplete tasks assigned to the employee that are either overdue, due in the coming day, or where the employee is set to be notified of the task on that day’s date.  5:00AM (Pacific), daily  Employees 
New Hires Joined Company Introduces New Hires to current employees. Includes name, photo, about (if filled out), Teams, and Networks.  8:00AM (Pacific), on Saturdays  All Employees 

* The delivery date for this email can be configured.