Interview plans


Generally, an interview plan refers to the strategy and structure your organization uses for a particular job when finding candidates. Interview plans come in many shapes and sizes, and vary between jobs in the same organizations. Interview plans are often used interchangeably with phrases such as interview pipelines and/or recruiting pipelines. In this article, we will cover:


Interview Plan Overview

An interview plan ensures that all candidates for a particular job are evaluated consistently against the same process and criteria which will lead to stronger decision making and stronger hires. In the abstract, an interview plan refers to the thought process around how your Hiring Team plans to conduct interviews; in addition, it also refers to the aggregated aspects of the interview process such as interview stages and interview kits.

When devising the interview plan for the role, your Hiring Team should essentially be achieving 4 main goals during the interview process:

  1. Uncover candidates' relevant experiences and capabilities
  2. Measure candidates against the same framework
  3. Deliver a consistent candidate experience
  4. Get participation by the right internal stakeholders 


Configure Interview Plan for New Job 

Note: Configuring an interview plan during the new job creation process requires that your organization has Interview Plan enabled as a step in the job setup flow.

To configure interview plans for a new job, navigate to the Add icon Screen_Shot_2018-10-18_at_9.52.49_AM.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Create a Job from the dropdown menu. 


Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new job and provide job details. When finished, click Create Job & Continue.  


Configure your Scorecard and click Next until you reach the Interview Plan configuration page.

Depending on whether you are working from a sample template, blank template, or a custom job template, the Interview Plan configuration page may or may not have pre-populated stages in your interview pipeline.

Add/Delete a Stage

To add a stage to an interview kit, navigate to the bottom of the page and click + Add a Stage. Select the stage from the subsequent list and click Add.

To delete a stage from an interview kit, hover over a stage and click Remove Stage. From the subsequent dialog box, click Confirm Delete




Move Stage Position 

To relocate a stage to a different spot in your interview plan, click and hold the stage. Drag to the desired position and release the stage when finished. 

In addition to adding, removing, and moving stages, your Hiring Team will also want to configure scorecards and other aspects of the interview kit for each stage. Remember, that an interview plan not only encompasses stages but the details associated with each stage as well.


Edit Interview Plan for Existing Jobs

Note: Users with Job Admin level permissions do not need the user-specific permission who can create new jobs and request job approvals to edit attributes on existing jobs.

As your team interviews candidates, Greenhouse Recruiting encourages that your team refine the interview plan often to remove unnecessary interviews/interview questions and ensure every topic is covered. 

If your organization's Hiring Team needs to edit the interview plan for an existing job, navigate to the job profile (All Jobs>Job Name) and click Job Setup from the job page navigation bar. 


From the Job Setup page, navigate to Interview Plan on the left-hand panel and edit the interview plan as necessary.