Product tier: Available for Expert subscription tier with HRIS Link add-on

HRIS Link can programmatically sync updates from your HRIS to Greenhouse Recruiting for jobs, users, and offices / departments. By adopting best practices when configuring HRIS Link, you can optimize the integration to work for your recruiting process.

Use structured custom field types

We strongly recommend not using custom fields with field types short textbox or long textbox. Instead, the structured field types below allow you to validate, filter, and report on Greenhouse Recruiting data more effectively:

  • Single-select
  • Multi-select
  • Date
  • Boolean
  • User
  • Currency
  • Number
  • Currency range
  • Number range

Sync custom field options with your HRIS

We recommend implementing custom field options syncing for any single- or multi-select custom field that has a large number of options, or whose options change frequently over time. By syncing field options with an HRIS report, you can be assured any selectable fields in your HRIS also exist as field options in Greenhouse Recruiting.

For more information on custom field options syncing, check out this article: Custom options sync overview.

Plan out your job templates

When using HRIS Link for job imports, you should carefully plan out the job templates you'll use. If you opt to use multiple job templates, we recommend:

  • Limiting the number of job templates to fewer than 10;
  • Ensuring well-defined logic exists to automate the job template selection.

To help you decide how many job templates will best suit your organization, check out this article: Decision guide: Template jobs.

Simplify your office and department structure

In order to reduce the need for system maintenance, we recommend simplifying your organizational structure in Greenhouse Recruiting as much as possible. Strive for the fewest number of offices and departments. This allows for streamlining other configurations like:

  • User permissions
  • Job and offer approvals
  • Job board configurations
  • Dashboard and reporting filters
  • Custom field configurations
  • Email template and offer templates

For more details on the downstream impacts of your office / department structure, check out these articles: Office and department-dependent workflows and Tiered offices and departments.

Create a dedicated HRIS Link user

HRIS Link requires a Site Admin's user ID to work with Greenhouse Recruiting. We recommend creating a dedicated integration system user (ISU) called HRIS Link, which ensures the user account is not linked to a specific individual. Check out this article to learn more about using ISUs with HRIS Link: How to create a Greenhouse Recruiting integration system user (ISU) for HRIS Link.

Use report filters to optimize performance

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend applying specific filters to the reports that drive each aspect of your HRIS Link integration. For a full list of filters, check out these articles: 

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