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Product tier: Available for Expert tier subscription with HRIS Link add-on.

HRIS Link can be used to import and update offices and departments in Greenhouse Recruiting, based on the most current data in your HRIS. This article outlines the setup process and high-level functionality of importing offices and departments with HRIS Link.

Note: Two standalone reports are required to import both offices and departments.

In this article, we will cover: 

Setup process

  1. Build a custom report of your offices / departments that matches the required specifications.
  2. Publish the report as a web service.
  3. Create an integration system user (ISU) and grant permission for the ISU to view the report and all fields contained therein.
  4. Send the report URL, ISU credentials, and administrator email address to your Greenhouse consultant.
  5. Your Greenhouse consultant configures the integration and kicks off the initial run. When ready, your consultant can enable 15-minute polling.
  6. Once polling is enabled, you will receive success and error emails to help monitor the status of your integration.

High-level functionality

Once enabled, HRIS Link performs the following actions every 15 minutes:

  • Matches each report entry to an office or department in Greenhouse Recruiting based on its corresponding external ID.
  • Creates new offices or departments in Greenhouse Recruiting if one does not already exist with a matching external ID.
    • Newly created offices and departments are placed at the level/tier of your organizational hierarchy in Greenhouse Recruiting as is specified on the HRIS Link report. Any updates to office hierarchy should be manually performed in the Greenhouse application.
  • Renames offices or departments in Greenhouse Recruiting if the location or department name changes in the HRIS.

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