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Onboarding Plan: Other Criteria


When configuring aspects of you Onboarding Plan like Tasks, Emails, Feedback and E-signature documents you can use rules to have it automatically assigned to certain New Hires based on Department, Location, Employment Status, or Other Criteria.

In Greenhouse Onboarding, Other Criteria is used as a "catch-all" category for rules that do not fall into Department, Location, or Employment Status. By creating rules in Other Criteria, you can customize scenarios that are specific to your organization. 

In this article we will cover how to manage Other Criteria rules, and how to assign Other Criteria rules when configuring aspects of your Onboarding Plan.


Create Other Criteria Rules

To create rules in the Other Criteria category, click on the Settings tab from your navigational bar. 


Navigate down the the left-hand panel to the Onboarding Plan header and click Introduction


From the Onboarding Plan page, navigate to the Manage Criteria panel and input a new rule in the Add criteria here field. When finished, click Add.


Your new rule will be added to the Other Criteria drop-down menu when creating or editing Tasks, Emails, Feedback and E-signature documents.

If you ever need to delete rules from the Other Criteria category, click View All to view a list of all Other Criteria rules.


From the Manage Other Criteria dialog box, hover off the rule you would like to delete and click Delete



Assign Other Criteria Rules

To assign your recently created rule in the Other Criteria category, navigate to any feature in your Onboarding Plan. You can access your organization's Onboarding Plan by clicking on the Settings tab and navigating down the left-hand panel to either Tasks, E-signature Templates, Emails, or Feedback.


Once you have selected an Onboarding Plan feature to edit or add, navigate to the Applies to new hires whose section and click the Other Criteria matches drop-down menu. Select the appropriate Other Criteria rule. When finished, click Save and Close.