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Greenhouse Onboarding: Home page for Employees



  1. Header
    • Use the header to navigate to: 
      • Things to Know - Pages that highlight your company policies
      • People - Get to know your coworkers by exploring the directory
      • Tasks - View and manage any Tasks that have been assigned to you 
  2. My Tasks
    • If you have been assigned any Tasks, the first 10 will appear here
    • You can click through to View All to view and manage all Tasks
  3. Documents to Sign
    • If you have any documents to sign they will be available here
    • After you sign any documents, they will be available here to download
  4. Things to Know
    • This will link to pages that contain your company's policies
  5. Get to know your company
    • This will link to your company's directory where you can view your coworkers profiles