Permissions: Managers

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

When you log into Greenhouse Onboarding, your homepage gives you a quick view of your manager dashboard. This article will guide you through navigating each section of your homepage.

Note: Your view may look different depending on permission levels granted by your admin. View our Greenhouse Onboarding: Homepage for admins support article if you've been granted admin permissions in addition to your manager permissions.

Navigation menu

The navigation menu includes the following tabs:

  • Home: Click the Home tab anytime to navigate back to the homepage of your employee dashboard
  • Tasks: View and manage any tasks that have been assigned to you
  • Search bar: Search for users in your organization and view their employee profile

Screenshot of hiring manager toolbar

Click the dropdown arrow next to your name in the top-right corner of the page to access the following tabs:

  • Profile: View and manage your employee profile
  • Help: Search our Support site for answers to common questions and helpful resources
  • Account Settings: Customize your email notification settings
  • Sign Out: Sign out of your Greenhouse Onboarding account

Screenshot of manager dropdown

If your organization also has access to Greenhouse Recruiting, you can quickly switch applications using the dropdown manager in the top left corner.

Screenshot of hiring manager ghr navigation

Your employee dashboard

Your employee dashboard displays your name, department, location, and start date. You can also view and edit your own employee Profile, or access your Welcome Experience.

Screenshot of manager welcome experience button

My new hires

Your direct reports will be viewable under the My New Hires panel.

Click your new hire's name to view their employee profile and complete any assigned tasks.

Screenshot of my new hires panel

My tasks

Up to ten tasks that are assigned to you will appear in the My Tasks panel. Click See All to view all your tasks.

Screenshot of my tasks dashboard

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