Permissions: Job Admin and above with CRM access and a Sourcing Automation seat 

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers with the Sourcing Automation add-on

Note: Reach out to your Account Manager if you're interested in purchasing the Sourcing Automation add-on. 

Sourcing Automation is an add-on product in Greenhouse Recruiting that makes outbound sourcing your superpower by helping you find, reach, and engage top talent quickly and effectively.

Sourcing Automation provides the following benefits:

  • Looks up and retrieves accurate contact information for identified prospects 
  • Bolsters recruiter outreach through personalized and automated email campaigns
  • Tracks prospect engagement and centralizes sourcing activities within Greenhouse Recruiting
  • Provides robust reports to measure sourcing efficacy and talent pipeline health

Get started with Sourcing Automation

Follow these steps to get started with Sourcing Automation:

Configure Sourcing Automation settings

Action User permissions Resources
Assign Sourcing Automation seats to relevant users Admin View and manage Sourcing Automation seats
Configure permissions to send on behalf of others Admin Send on behalf of permission management
Create a campaign-level schedule for all Sourcing Automation messages Admin Create a schedule for campaign pool messages
Authenticate your Sourcing Automation email and set up email security

Admin and general users

Configure your personal Sourcing Automation account setting Admin and general users Sourcing Automation account settings

Create a campaign pool

Action User Resources
Create a campaign pool to engage or nurture prospects Admin and general users

Begin sourcing prospects

Action User Resources
Install the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension Admin and general users
Add prospects to your campaign pool Admin and general users

Manage your campaign pool and prospects

Action User Resources
Manage prospects and track prospect activity after launching your campaign pool Admin and general users

Join a live training for Sourcing Automation

Live trainings help Greenhouse users get equipped with the knowledge and hands-on practice to make incremental improvements to their hiring process.

If you're new to Sourcing Automation, join a live training to familiarize yourself! In this working session, a Greenhouse Sourcing Automation expert will teach you how to create a campaign pool, add prospects using the Greenhouse Recruiting Chrome extension, and launch your pool.

Click here to register.

Note: You'll need to have your Sourcing Automation seat enabled by an Admin and authenticate your email before joining this working session.

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