Permissions: Employees

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Check out your employee profile in Greenhouse Onboarding to review or edit your personal information and profile picture.

Open your employee profile

From your Greenhouse Onboarding homepage, click Profile under your name.

Employee view of Greenhouse Onboarding homepage with Profile button highlighted under employee name

You can also access your profile from the main navigation bar. Click your initials in the top-right corner, then select Profile from the dropdown.

Profile option highlighted in dropdown from initials button on Greenhouse Onboarding homepage

Upload a profile picture

You can upload a picture to personalize your employee profile.

From your employee profile, click the Pencil icon.

Employee profile header for Divya Patel with pencil icon highlighted for updating profile image

Select Upload New to upload a photo from your files. Once you're ready, click Save.

Dialog box for editing employee profile image with Upload New button highlighted

You can update or delete your profile at any time by clicking the Pencil icon again.

Info tab

The Info tab in your employee profile includes basic information about you, your assigned manager, and details for any custom access assigned to you by your organization. You can update various details about yourself here, including your legal or preferred name, your time zone, your personal pronouns, your contact information, and more.

Any field with a private icon is not viewable to other employees in your organization unless they've been granted permission by your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding admins.

Note: Access to edit your employee profile fields is set by users with Owner access. Reach out to your Greenhouse Onboarding admin to learn more.

Click Edit to add or make changes to your personal details.

Once you're finished, click Save to keep your changes.

Info tab for employee profile with Edit button highlighted

30-day goals tab

If you're a new employee, you can use the 30-day goals tab to track your progress on any onboarding goals assigned by your manager.

Learn more about completing your new hire goals.

Documents tab

Use the Documents tab to complete and download any assigned E-Signatures.

Learn more about signing your E-Signature documents.

Note: E-Signatures are available to the Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tier only.

Feedback tab

You can respond to feedback questions about your onboarding experience in the Feedback tab.

Learn more about answering feedback questions.

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