Report specification: Sync user accounts with Workday


In order to sync user accounts with Workday using HRIS Link, you must build a report that matches Greenhouse Recruiting's specifications.

Note: HRIS Link relies on an exact match of the report column header; in most cases, you will need to update / override the default value when adding the column to your Workday report.


  • * = required field
  • † = case-sensitive column header

In this article, we will cover:


Report specification

Primary business object: Worker

Report column header Workday field Notes
first_name* Legal or Preferred First Name  
last_name* Last Name  
email* Email Ensure the email address is the same address used with SSO.
employee_id* Employee ID  
enabled* Employment Status Must be 1 for active (enabled) or 0 for inactive (disabled).
send_email_invite calc field

Must be 1  to send the email invitation or 0 /null to not send the invitation email. Any value other than 1 , 0 , or null will cause an error.
See th
e change log for further information about integration behavior.


Note: This field will only trigger an invitation upon initial Greenhouse user creation, not on any subsequent updates.


Sample report output (offices)

Once built, here’s an example of a valid report entry in SimpleXML:


Recommended filters

  • First name is not blank.
  • Last name is not blank.
  • Email is not blank.
  • Employee ID is not blank.
  • Exclude employees whose termination date is longer than one (1) day ago.


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