Updated Scheduling Experience


We have been hard at work redesigning our scheduling tools, and an updated version of the interview scheduling process is now available. To learn more about our product philosophy behind this update, please click here

This article serves as an overview of the updated scheduling process. For questions around scheduling with a specific calendar integration, we recommend searching the Scheduling and Calendars section of our Help Center for additional documentation. 

In this article, we will cover: 


What's New

Historically, scheduling in Greenhouse Recruiting required users to configure the date/time, interviewer(s), resources, and invitation(s) for each interview. The redesigned scheduling workflow aims to create greater focus by simplifying scheduling into an efficient two-step flow:

  1. Finalize the interview schedule
  2. Send invites

To accomplish this, the updated workflow is divided into two pages, one for each step of the process. On the Scheduling page, your calendar view is front and center so you do not have to toggle between pages while adding scheduling details. 


On the Scheduling page, we also moved two elements of the scheduling process into popovers to make more room for the calendar view. The first relocated element is Calendar Settings, which you can now access by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Within the Calendar Settings dialog box, click the Calendar Type dropdown to choose a different calendar service or to select Manual Scheduling if applicable. 


The second element we moved is the candidate contact information and availability, which is now accessible by clicking the tooltip next to the candidate name in the upper-left corner. 


Note: The candidate's submitted availability also is reflected in the calendar view by times shown in white. Times shown in grey are outside the candidate's submitted availability. 

Once you finalize the interview schedule, navigate to the Send Invites page, where you will see a new option to collapse interviewer invites into a single template to save time. 


Next, we will walk through the updated scheduling process from start to finish.  

Note: During the initial release of the updated scheduling workflow, we have added a Switch to Old View option at the top-right of the Scheduling page. If you run into trouble with the updated workflow, click this link to be returned to the classic scheduling flow.  

Clicking Switch to Old View will delete any scheduling details you have entered already, and will change your view only for the interview you are scheduling currently. Beginning a new scheduling process will default back to the updated view. 


Find Times and Create Interview Schedule

To begin, navigate to a candidate profile and click Schedule Interview to schedule a single interview, or Schedule All to schedule back-to-back interviews. 


On the Scheduling for [Candidate Name] page, you will see the interviews you have selected to schedule in the scheduling panel on the left, and a calendar view on the right. The calendar view displays one date at a time, with a column for each of the selected interviews to be scheduled.

The candidate's submitted availability is reflected in the calendar view in white. Times shown in grey are outside the candidate's submitted availability. 


Begin filling in details for the first interview by entering one or more interviewers. When you select a user to conduct a specific interview, the corresponding interview column on the calendar will display that interviewer's availability.  


Select a date and time for the first interview. You can enter the date and time manually using the scheduling panel on the left, or you can double-click the calendar view on the right to create a new event.

If you are scheduling multiple interviews, once you select a time for the first interview, chronological placeholder events will be displayed automatically on the calendar view for the additional interviews. You can adjust the time for any of these interviews if needed by entering alternative times manually in the scheduling panel. 


Once you have filled in the necessary fields for all selected interviews, click Schedule and Continue at the bottom-right of the page. 



Configure Interviewer Invites

After clicking Schedule and Continue, you will be directed to the Send Calendar Invite to Interviewers page to configure the interviewer invites. 

Note: Interview times selected in the previous step are not sent to the interviewers' calendars until the steps below are completed. If you exit the scheduling process before sending the invites, the interviews will not be scheduled. 

The Schedule Summary panel on the right displays the finalized interview schedule, and allows your team to add a Location and Video Conferencing (requires a video interviewing integration, such as Zoom). If any of the interview details listed in the Schedule Summary panel need to be updated, click Back at the bottom left corner of the page to return to the Scheduling view.


When you are scheduling multiple interviews, you will see an option to use the same email template for all calendar invites. This option is selected by default, and allows you to configure a single template that will be sent to all your interviewers. 


If you prefer to customize the interviewer invite emails manually, or to use an alternative template for any of the interviewer invites, uncheck the box next to Use the same email template for all calendar invites. After unchecking the box, you will see one interviewer invite for each interview type you scheduled. 


Note: Because the information populated by email tokens is unique to each interviewer, if you opt to use the same email template for all interviewer invitations, email tokens will not populate in the interviewer invite preview. The emails received by interviewers will contain populated tokens as expected, and not the {{TOKEN}} placeholders. If you prefer to review the interviewer emails more closely before sending, uncheck the Use the same email template for all calendar invites option to see each unique email with populated tokens. 

Make any necessary changes to the interviewer invite message(s) using the available fields. When you are finished, click Send Invites (alternatively, click Open in Google or Download .ics File as appropriate at the bottom right to send the interviewer invitation and complete the scheduling process. 


The interviewers will receive an event invitation through their calendars, and the scheduled interviews will appear on the candidate's profile momentarily. 


Send Candidate Interview Confirmation

After sending the interviewer invites, you will be returned to the candidate's profile page to send the candidate interview confirmation email.

Click Send Interview Confirmation under the stage where you have scheduled the interviews. 


In the Availability dialog window, select the appropriate Candidate Interview Confirmation email template and make any necessary changes to the body of the email. When finished, click Send Email to send the confirmation to the candidate. 


Note: If you have feedback or questions about the updated scheduling process, please click here to open a ticket with the Greenhouse Customer Support team.