Permissions: Job Admin or above

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with DocuSign helps organizations securely sign, send, and manage documents for candidate offers directly within our platform. 

Use this guide to reference answers for potential questions that may come up when sending candidate documents out for e-signature.

Who needs to enable the DocuSign integration?

Any individual user who plans to utilize the integration either for signing or sending candidate offers will need to enable DocuSign in their personal user account. Users will need to be a Job Admin or above to enable and utilize the DocuSign integration.

If a user isn't seeing expected DocuSign functionality, start by checking to confirm DocuSign has been enabled. Learn more on setting up the DocuSign integration here.

Why did my DocuSign integration disconnect unexpectedly?

DocuSign maintains 30-day sessions in Greenhouse Recruiting. This means after 30 days of being connected to Greenhouse, it'll automatically disconnect and you'll need to re-authenticate the integration. This is upheld by DocuSign.

I'm a Site Admin with DocuSign enabled for my account. Why don't I see an option to Send with DocuSign?

Confirm the following are true:

  • DocuSign is connected to your personal user account
  • Your permissions include the 'Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs / offers' user-specific permission 

If both conditions above are met and an option to send offers through DocuSign still doesn't populate, click here to connect with Greenhouse Technical Support team.

Help! My colleague isn't populating in the To User field selection when sending candidate offers. 

If any generated offer letter template includes the {{COMPANY_SIGNATURE}} token, only users with appropriate permissions assigned will appear when selecting a countersigner for your organization. 

Job Admins need the Can view and edit offers permission included within their job-based permissions assigned in order to be selected from the To User field dropdown. The same applies to users who report trouble seeing the Send with DocuSign option when preparing candidate offers. 

While Site Admins need the Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs / offers user-specific permission assigned. 

If any account permission adjustments are needed, reach out to your in-house contacts.

Why aren't the special DocuSign tokens populating correctly on my offer templates?

DocuSign tokens are accessible to properly permissioned users who have the DocuSign integration enabled. If you haven't connected DocuSign and attempt to test an offer template or generate a candidate offer letter containing DocuSign tokens, you'll see an error for the tokens.

For additional token troubleshooting steps for created offer templates, click here.

Which DocuSign tokens are available for use within offer templates? 

The additional tokens available for use in any offer letter templates on your account with the DocuSign integration:


The placement of your new DocuSign tokens determines where the electronic signatures show up in the offer letter template.

Can I send a new offer to replace an existing offer? Will creating a new offer version void the current DocuSign envelope?

If you created the original offer, you can replace it by clicking Regenerate > then Send with DocuSign again. This will void the previous offer and could re-trigger any existing offer approval flows. The envelope must currently be in progress and will only be voided if the original creator of the offer sends out the new, updated offer documents. 

If the candidate has already been marked as hired, you will need to Unhire the candidate to send any new agreements out for signature. 

Note: Only the person who created the original offer can replace it. Others will encounter an 'Only the sender of the envelope can perform this operation' error banner displayed in-app.

If you receive an error when replacing an existing offer version, reach out to the original offer creator to have them delete or replace as necessary.

Can DocuSign be used outside the offer stage?

No. At this time, the DocuSign integration only works on the offer stage. If you need to collect agreements on other interview stages, we recommend Greenhouse Recruiting forms instead.

Why am I receiving an error when attempting to send an offer with DocuSign?

If you are encountering an error when attempting to send an offer with the DocuSign integration, we recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the DocuSign integration as a preliminary troubleshooting step. This process refreshes your DocuSign credentials, and can resolve a variety of errors. Read more on troubleshooting DocuSign errorshere.

Can I change the signing order on an offer document?

You can change the signing order on an offer document directly in DocuSign when sending the offer. Just click Actions > Edit Recipients

For detailed steps on changing the signing order in DocuSign when sending an offer, click here.  

How do I find out the offer signature status?

There are three statuses that can be displayed in Greenhouse for offers sent through DocuSign:

  • A long dash will be displayed when the offer has been sent to the candidate via DocuSign and is awaiting their action
  • Pending will be displayed when the candidate has reviewed the document they were sent, but hasn't yet signed it
  • A date will be displayed when the candidate signs the offer document, and you will also see a green checkmark to the left of the candidate's email address where there was previously a white circle

These statuses will appear within the Offer Details tab of the candidate profile accessible by users with job-based permissions assigned.

How do I report on the offer signature date?

The signature date for offers sent and signed through the DocuSign integration can be viewed within the candidate Activity Feed. This timestamp is unique to the DocuSign integration and isn't surfaced in the offer data points included within our essential reports.

Who should I contact if I need help? 

For additional questions or troubleshooting for errors returned from DocuSign when sending candidate offers, reach out to DocuSign support.

For integration setup or functionality questions, connect with Greenhouse Technical Support team.