DocuSign pioneered the development of e-signature technology, and today DocuSign helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with DocuSign allows you to seamlessly send offer letters to candidates on Greenhouse Recruiting and obtain signatures electronically on DocuSign.


The DocuSign integration needs to be activated on a per-user basis. Each person at your organization who wishes to use the integration should follow the setup instructions in this article. Your team will need to work with your DocuSign account manager to purchase the appropriate plan. The integration was set up to simplify permissions and ensure everyone has access to send documents.

DocuSign recommends purchasing a business pro plan to gain full functionality on their platform.

Note: The DocuSign integration can only be used on the offer stage. It isn't possible to add DocuSign to earlier stages in your interview plan. Additionally, the DocuSign integration can't be used to send NDAs to candidates. We recommend Greenhouse Recruiting forms for NDAs instead.

Enable the DocuSign integration

To enable the integration for your individual Greenhouse Recruiting account, click Integrations on your navigation bar.


Select or search for DocuSign, then click Connect.


You'll be redirected to DocuSign to enter your DocuSign credentials or sign up for an account.

Note: If you use SSO, you'll be redirected to your authentication provider for DocuSign. You'll need to be on the new version of SSO that DocuSign supports. Send-on-behalf-of settings don't need to be configured within DocuSign before enabling the integration and sending out offers.

Grant permission to the integration as requested.

Once completed, you'll be redirected back to Greenhouse Recruiting, and DocuSign will appear under your Integrations page, indicating it was successfully enabled.

Add DocuSign tokens to your offer letter templates

Note: To learn more about creating offer letter templates in Greenhouse Recruiting, click here.

With the DocuSign integration enabled, four additional tokens are available to include in any offer letter templates on your account:


Note: The DocuSign integration originally launch with a single signature token:


While we strongly recommend you update any existing offer letter templates to use the new tokens, the legacy token {{SIGNATURE_DATE}}is still supported.

The placement of your new DocuSign tokens determines where the electronic signatures show up in the offer letter template.

Use a document editor like Google Docs or Microsoft Word to edit your offer template and add the DocuSign tokens. DocuSign tokens must be on their own line on offer templates to work correctly.


Screenshot of example DocuSign offer tokens

Once you've created or edited an existing offer letter template to add the DocuSign tokens, you're ready to upload the template to Greenhouse Recruiting!

Click the Configure icon Configure icon on your navigation bar, and then click Offer Templates on the left.

Click + Upload New.

Screenshot of Configure > Offer Templates > Upload New button

Fill in the appropriate fields, and click Choose File to locate the offer template on your computer.

Screenshot of Save template button

When finished, click Save Template.

Next, find the offer letter template you uploaded and click Test.

Screenshot of Test offer template button

This will check the template for any unsupported tokens. If all tokens in the template are supported, the template status will read Verified.

Note: DocuSign tokens are only available to people who have connected the DocuSign integration in their Greenhouse Recruiting account. If someone hasn't connected the DocuSign integration and attempts to test an offer template or generate a candidate offer letter that contains any of the DocuSign tokens, they'll see an error for the tokens.

Use the DocuSign integration with Greenhouse Recruiting

Generate and send an offer letter with DocuSign

To generate and send an offer letter, navigate to a candidate's profile.

From the candidate's profile, click the Offer Details tab and then click Create Offer.

Screenshot of Create offer button

Fill in the appropriate fields for your candidate's offer.

Once the offer details are ready, scroll to the Offer Documents section and click Generate.

Note: In order to use the DocuSign integration, the offer letter must be generated through Greenhouse Recruiting.

If you prefer to upload one or more documents from your computer rather than generating from an offer template, click Upload instead of Generate.

To send more than one document through DocuSign, you'll need to follow one of the two outlined processes:

  • Multi-select documents in the finder from your computer and upload them simultaneously. If you upload one document and then click Upload again to select another, the second document will replace the first.
  • Upload additional offer documents as offer templates to allow for signature. Once the documents have been configured as offer templates, select the offer letter and additional offer templates using Generate. 

Use the provided dropdown to select your offer template.

Click Generate again.

Screenshot of Generate button

Once the offer letter is generated, click Send with DocuSign.

Screenshot of Send with DocuSign button

Next, select an email template or simply type the message to the candidate to go along with the offer letter. Then click Preview on DocuSign.

Note: You can only send offer letters from your own email address.

Screenshot of Preview on DocuSign button

Note: If the offer letter you've generated includes the {{COMPANY_SIGNATURE}} token, select the appropriate person to sign on behalf of your company in the To User field.

Only Site Admin with the user-specific permission 'Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, request approval, and approve jobs / offers,' and Job Admin with the permission stripe 'Can view and edit offers' will appear as options under To User.

On DocuSign, you'll see your offer letter tokens have populated signature fields.

You can add additional fields and interactions using the panel on the left.

Screenshot of configure additional fields panel on DocuSign

Select the Settings icon at the top-right > Edit Documents to edit, add, and configure documents.

Screenshot of Edit Documents button on DocuSign

Select Actions at the top > Edit Recipients to edit the signing order.

Screenshot of Edit receipients button on DocuSign

Toggle Set signing order, then order the signers. Click Done.

Screenshot of Edit signign order on DocuSign

You can also set expiration timers on the offer. Click Actions > Advanced Options to explore additional settings.

When you're ready to send the letter, click Send.

Screenshot of Send button on DocuSign

Track signatures and access a fully signed offer letter

Once an offer letter is sent with DocuSign, you can check on the status of the document within Greenhouse Recruiting on the candidate's Offer Details tab.

Check out the table below more information on the offer status:

A dash indicates the offer document has been sent to the candidate by DocuSign and is awaiting action from the candidate.
Pending Pending indicates the candidate has reviewed the offer document sent by DocuSign, but has not yet signed it.
01/01/2024 A date indicates the candidate or counter-signer has signed the offer document on this date.

The person who sent the offer letter will receive email notifications when all of the signatures have been collected.

Once all signatures are collected, a fully signed letter will be uploaded to the candidate's profile and accessible on the candidate's Details tab under the All Attachments section.

Frequently asked questions

Can DocuSign be used outside the offer stage?

No. At this time, the DocuSign integration only works on the offer stage. If you need to collect agreements on other interview stages, we recommend Greenhouse Recruiting forms instead.

Why am I receiving an error when attempting to send an offer with DocuSign?

If you are encountering an error when attempting to send an offer with the DocuSign integration, we recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the DocuSign integration as a preliminary troubleshooting step. This process refreshes your DocuSign credentials, and can resolve a variety of errors. Read more here.

Can I change the signing order on an offer document?

You can change the signing order on an offer document in DocuSign when sending the offer. Just click Actions > Edit Recipients.

Can I send a new offer to replace an existing offer?

If you created the original offer, you can replace it by clicking Regenerate > then Send with DocuSign again. This will void the previous offer. This could re-trigger any existing offer approval flows.

Note: Only the person who created the original offer can replace it. Others will encounter an 'Only the sender of the envelope can perform this operation' error banner displayed in-app.

If you receive an error when replacing an existing offer version, reach out to the original offer creator to have them delete or replace as necessary.