Troubleshoot error seen when sending offers through DocuSign

If you're encountering an error when sending candidate offer packets out for e-signature, reference this troubleshooting guide to locate and resolve the specific errors returned by the DocuSign integration using the steps outlined below.

Please re-connect your DocuSign account and try again


Disconnect and reconnect your DocuSign integration to begin resolution. This process refreshes your DocuSign credentials and typically, can resolve a variety of errors.

To disconnect the DocuSign integration, click Integrations on your navigation bar.


Scroll to the Manage Integrations section and click DocuSign > Disconnect.


A banner at the top of the page will confirm the integration has been disconnected.

Click Connect to re-enter your account credentials and refresh the integration.

Note: To access complete DocuSign integration setup steps, click here.

After re-entering your DocuSign credentials, return to the affected candidate profile and attempt to resend the offer through DocuSign. 

If an error still occurs after refreshing the integration, connect with Greenhouse Technical Support.

The envelope specified either does not exist or you have no rights to it


Possible cause(s) from DocuSign:

  • The envelope ("offer") was sent more than 30 days ago
  • The authenticated user is not the original offer sender or recipient
  • The authenticated user that made the request is not the original offer sender or recipient, or is associated with a different account than the original sender
  • The offer has been deleted

If the above conditions don't match the current offer attempted, disconnect and reconnect your DocuSign credentials to refresh the integration.

If errors persist, reach out to DocuSign support.

System was unable to convert this document to a PDF


DocuSign is unable to convert the offer file attempted into a PDF file. Regenerate the offer documents and attempt to Send with DocuSign again.

If errors persist, connect with Greenhouse Technical Support.  

This user is not the sender of the envelope. Only the sender of the envelope may perform this requested operation


Only the person who created the original offer can replace it. Others will encounter the above error banner displayed in-app.

If you receive an error when replacing an existing offer version, reach out to the original offer creator to have them delete or replace the agreements as necessary.

Learn more on voiding envelopes directly in DocuSign by clicking here

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